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    Thanks to the politics prevailing inside the studios , Justice League was a product of more than one directors ; in a bad way. And the result kind of displayed on the box office. What should be composed of the finest heroes of the comic book fandom , landed on face. 

    The movie ended up being the highest earning Hollywood bomb and earned much less than expected. With such kind of a disappointment , fans and studio alike must be looking forward to their standalone hero featurette ; first in line of which is Aquaman. James Wan’s Aquaman is expected to venture the under depth territories the comic book movies have never explored before.

    This topic is about the ways Aquaman can just pull the universe from the depths Justice League has kicked it in.

    Follow up on Aquaman here and visit our fan creativity to post something about the topic.

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    Can… looking at the diversification it can bring to the table with all that underwater scenes. But then again , it has to do something which DC lacks at the moment – characterization and good plot.

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    No,I don’t think so

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