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The best thing about the DC Universe is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman , there’s no doubt behind that. That’s why the upcoming sequel , named WW84 is surrounded by lot of fan anticipation. With our first look at Diana Prince and Steve Trevor ( or whoever he is) , now is the time to face the Amazonian princess.

Gal Gadot took to her twitter to give us our first glimpse of the DC heroine in her full glory. One can not simply prevent noticing the visual change even in photography with this image. Its as bright as it can go. Wait , a minute ….who uses filter in first look photographs anyway ? Oh right ! 



WW84 will see the return of Wonder Woman to the cold war era , where we will be able to see the iconic heroine go against the infamous ferocious DC antagonist Cheetah , played by Kristen Wiig in the movie. The first set photos mysteriously brought back Steve Trevor or someone looking like him , 70 years after the incidents of the first movie. 



Steve Trevor in most of the popular runs is a military personnel who comes in terms of Wonder Woman and becomes her love interest ( and in presence of Superman , sometimes her ally ). It will be interesting to see what Chris Pine is playing in the sequel. While productions begun few days ago , we can can expect some major news by SDCC , where we will witness the first trailer to James Wan’s Aquaman and probably Shazam as well.


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