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Like most of previously declared projects , there has been a lot of speculations/rumors/reports in recent months that the female-led Gotham City Sirens is never going to happen but now director David Ayer has come out with a different tone.



Before we move any further , let me get one thing clear. Regarding Time Warner’s DC Films slate is considered , it is to be noted that everything and everyone including the cast members shift their statements from time to time. I am not blaming anyone but we expect everyone reading this article to not blame us either. Additionally keep in mind that this is subject to change. So….as you can recall , Warner Brothers showed their line up for future DC Films at the Comic-Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it lacked the presence of some previously declared project including Gotham City Sirens. The movie has maintained its absence in San Diego Comic Con , earlier this year , as well.

However when Collider recently interviewed David Ayer , the director of the Netflix thriller BRIGHT , about where things stand with Gotham City Sirens , he replied, “It’s in development.” Unfortunately he refused to elaborate further.

Close behind was Margot Robbie , who plays Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel in the DC Films universe to give an insight about her character’s future in the universe. “Everyone has been working really hard, myself included, to get Harley back on screen,” the actress explains in a separate interview with Collider , quickly adding: “I think it will be quite soon. There’s so much more to explore with her. I can’t wait! I hope next year, but with bigger films, it takes a lot longer to get it all up and running.”

Personally , even if Gotham City Sirens does not make it into principal photography for any reason whatsoever , Warner Brothers will try to give Margot Robbie a feature film at any cost. When it comes to DC, WB has been consistent in plucking out the cherries from their previous films and declare their sequels/consecutive movies.

So what do you think perswonally ? Would you like to see Poison Ivy , Cat woman and Harley join hands for a fun ride in the form of Gotham City Sirens ? Or would you rather prefer a Joker Harley movie as teased before ? 



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