Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 put on hold after the departure of James Gunn1 min read


It was all fine until someone decided to pull out what James Gunn had posted in Twitter about a decade ago and that ultimately forced Disney to fire James Gunn. The decision was not taken likely and caused a political unrest in the entirety of Hollywood. But it didn’t made Disney hire James Gunn again.

Now in the wake of those events (according to The Hollywood Reporter) , Disney has decided to delay the project untill they can figure out their next move. With emotional and political pressure increasing on the studio , this is the best approach they could come up with. The third installment was going to wrap up things for the current team and hit the theaters somewhere in 2020.

That might not look possible right now as the pre-production team in Atlanta has been cancelled.  For now , we have to wait a bit to get some more info about the third installment to James Gunn’s ambitious inter-galactic saga. Nobody can deny the fact that the whole thing is James Gunn’s creation and thus it is to be seen whether the studio will take elements from Gunn’s first draft.

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