‘Hellboy’ reboot gets postponed for four months2 min read


Not a good time to be a Hellboy fan right now. The half demon antihero was supposed to be the first superhero offering of 2019 but alas! not anymore.

Reports are coming in that Summit Entertainment has pushed the release date of Hellboy reboot from Jan 11 2019 to Apr  12 2109. That is whole four months of time.

There’s been no clear indication as to what is causing this delay, whether the studio wants a more conventional summer release date (which is good) or if there are any post-production issues with the film. However, no matter the reason for the change, Hellboy certainly faces much stiffer competition now.

It is releasing only one week after DC’ s Shazam (April 5th) and that is not good news at all considering the positive hype with Shazam right now. Now on Apr 12th there is another movie releasing by the name of The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, which stars Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr as the titualr character.

Hellboy stars Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the title role who is taking over the horns from Ron Perlman. The comic book character’s creator, Mike Mignola is writing the script along with Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden. The Descent and Game of Thrones’ helmer Neil Marshall is directing the project.

Now reportedly Hellboy team is going to appear next week’s Newyork Comic Con. We can expect a formal clarification of the delay and if we get lucky we might get a nice little teaser as well. Who can tell? So keep following us to know more about Hellboy and all the other Superheros.


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