How likely is Spider-man PS4 to come to other platforms ?3 min read


By now most of you fans should have started playing the game but what about those who do not own the PS4 platform ? Is this the end of the dreams to immerse into the rich world of the web slinging superhero for them ? Well , for now , certainly yes. It seems unlikely SONY would let the exclusiveness slip from their own platform. But….having said that a bit of history lesson might seem encouraging for you all , especially to those who own a PC.

 You have multiple 1080s in SLI , some 64 gigs of RAM and a CPU which can play most modern AAA titles at 4K @ 60fps but still you can’t play the game. Yeah , I understand  the pain. But here’s what SONY is thinking – maybe the game and the greed to play it can boost up the PS4 sales a bit. And honestly speaking , it’s not thinking wrong. Some people will buy a PlayStation just to play this game.

But if history has taught us something , there is always a possibility for the game to land up on other platforms especially PC after a couple of years. This is all due to the exclusive deal companies have to the platform – here the concerned parties are Insomniac games and SONY. 

Though sometimes the experience is stained with bad porting , most of the times it comes as a welcome rain for all burning hearts. Most of the times , after the exclusive deal is over , companies tend to incline over working towards launching the game on other platforms. Obviously , due to the extreme fan base each platform boasts of. In a nutshell , it all comes down to the user’s choice – whether he prefers his fandom towards the game to fandom towards the platform. As for X-Box enthusiasts , Insomniac Games has a straightway dissapointing answer : 



Well , but it certainly does not answer for PCs though …for now , at least. So the final verdict for now is that with a slight chance of the game appearing on PCs in the upcoming years , hardcore fans should better invest in a play station to play the game immediately. And if you are a hardware enthusiast and unwilling to switch the platform no matter what , wait ! 






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