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.For some reason , Batman is on a killing frenzy in the trailer for the Titans Season 1 finale on DC Universe. Maybe he is controlled by Trigon , maybe something else : But this has put him in serious conflict with the entire world especially Dick and Titans. 

The situation won’t be controlled on a lighter order as we see armed forces rush in the Wayne Manor indicating that the world might have known the secret identity of Bruce Wayne. Batman has massacred several convicts , including Joker and his name as the hero of Gotham is dwindling. 

Whatever it is , it is not pretty. Have a look :



It would be convenient enough if the culprit is seen to be Trigon , the demon father of Raven. He is been teased throughout the season and this might be his act of vengeance upon this earth. Whatever it is , this is a very bold move for the DC Universe to make the caped crusader a full blown villain.

And if Bruce has gone nuts….if he has , there’s no stopping him. The Titans are far less experienced to stop him , irrespective of their powers. We will see what it all comes down to but looks like this might be the turning point in  Dick’s life.Meanwhile let us know what you thought of this shocking event in the comments down below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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