Its Venom vs Questionable CGI in the second official trailer2 min read


I know some of you might be mad at me by now for such an outrageous headline but after seeing the trailer , I am sure you would somewhat resonate with my feelings.

The trailer is rather ambitious with comic accurate references of Venom eating off a guy’s brain …but my god ! The VFX does not let you concentrate on anything else. If the case is unfinished CGI , they require some damn fast hands over there.. Have a look at the trailer below :



Sony’s Venom will follow Eddy Brock where he seems to be well settled around a girl friend and his journalism. Things go haywire when he is introduced to one of the supposedly 3 symbiotes. Pages from the Marvel lore come alive when both combine together to make a nightmare Spider-Man hasn’t known before…only there is no Spiderman here.

Seeking inspiration from the lethal protector , Eddy will channel his anti-hero to stop a more ferocious opponent , Riot – a glimpse of which is show in the trailer. All this goes down under the improvisation of Doctor Drake played by Riz Ahmed , who believes humanity is at the brink of its extinction and the symbiotes can save that. That makes sense since it is him who is mounting the Riot symbiote at the end of the trailer.

But ultimately this trailer puts my spirit and enthusiasm for the movie down. Even after residing in a community which questions the existence of the movie without Spider-man , I had good faith in the movie. (Same as I have for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker origin if at all it turns into reality). I am a fan who likes to cherish a comic book movie from all aspects of film-making possible but the trailer’s VFX…..

Okay lets wrap up the conversation….I certainly hope at this point that the trailer’s VFX is not representative of the movie itself and is at its early stages. I love Tom Hardy and the last thing I would like to see is his brilliant acting get shadowed by something as bad VFX. Let me know what you feel in the comments down below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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