James Gunn to write and direct the Suicide Squad sequel , Dave Bautista interested !2 min read


Well this was inevitable , it seems. After Disney threw Gunn out of the Marvel Board for some offensive tweets that surfaced about a decade later , DC has ensured that an unconventionally talented filmmaker such as Gunn do not go wasted.You can learn more about the controversy and how the co-stars chose to react to the situation here.

Deadline reports that the 52 year old film-maker is now set to write and under the studio’s eyes to direct the sequel of the 2016 DC blockbuster Suicide Squad , though the sequel might be a reboot. Whats interesting is Suicide Squad is just like a darker synonymous version of the Guardians of the Galaxy and though it was critically slammed , it earned enough to earn a sequel.

On the reports of Gunn directing the Suicide Squad sequel , long time supporter Dave Bautista is open to join him. He has been terribly upset and annoyed for the past few months on what happened to the director.  Now might just be the time for him to switch the boat. 



Without James and Dave , it’s really hard to picture a concluding trilogy to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Though the actor might still be chained by contracts to the studio , we shall see what interesting events do unravel in the upcoming days.  What do you make out of the whole affair ? Let us know in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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