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James Wan’s Aquaman will be the next big DC Films to grace grace the theatres. And this is after a long period of more than a year after Justice League. While he promised that we will be seeing our first look at the flick through the first trailer at SDCC next month , his latest instagram post tend to intentipnally tease a fight from an advanced stage in the movie.

James Wan , the brain behind Conjuring and Furious 7 showed his happiness on the arrival of his funko set and behind that pop , is a screen that unreveals a scene from the intense action. Arthur Curry and his step brother Orm seems to be involved in some sort of action fury to become the king of the seven seas , though it’s unclear who is carrying the trident at the moment.



The trident is a weapon of the gods and is one of the most powerful artifacts of the DC world. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was not a king so he was given a quindent , a miniature version of the original weapon.

If Wan is looking to adapt the story-line where Orm and Manta kills Queen Atlana and blames Arthur for the same , we are looking towards Arthur Curry fighting against a fully complete Prince Orm with the aid of Vulko and Mera.



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