Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick returns in this new promotional images from “Enter Flashtime”4 min read

CW has released a couple of promotional image from 6th March’s episode of THE FLASH : ‘Enter Flashtime’




We have previously reported that Jesse Quick will be following her love , Wally West into the Legend of Tomorrow. But before that we will see him with Jay Garrick in The Flash.

Now CW has released a couple of promotional image which sees Jesse and Jay aids Barry in entering Flashtime , to slow down time enough to prevent a nuclear detonation. 

Check out the promotional images from the gallery below.



In related news , we also have the promo for Legend’s of tomorrow’s “No country for old dads”. Wally West , as mentioned earlier , will make his full debut in the show .



Let us know what you thought of Jesse Quick returning to the show ? Are you excited to see both Wally and Jesse join the Legends ? Comment down below your thoughts and keep following us for more superhero updates.

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