The Joker Origin Movie reportedly heading towards production as Joaquin Phoenix remains “Interested”3 min read

A little update provides information about where things stand for the Joker origin movie.



DC has seen mediocre success to heavy critical bashing when it comes to their cinematic universe , other than Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman. That led the studio to start focus on a different set of films focusing on DC Characters but devoid of the DC Films. That according to the studio officials would give the film-makers more reliability and flexibility on their project.

Kicking start the universe was declared as an origin movie based on the Batman antagonist , Joker. The tales of the origin of the clown prince of crime has either been kept in shadows or exemplified through a set of green psychedelic panels , but never made it to the big screen.While there are many who prefer the origin of the character being undefined , there’s no denying that some panels with his origin is iconic , in its own sense.

However , the things we learnt of the Joker origin movie until now is that Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix is in talks for the titular role along with Martin Scorsese to produce and  Hangover director Todd Phillips to direct. But that was a while ago and the silence in between had led the fans to believe the project was just another caught in the DC/WB pipeline. Fortunately or Unfortunately , depending upon your perspective , the movie is still looking forward to production. 

According to a listing shared by Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board , the movie is moving forward to a production set to commence in May , with Phoenix still interested.



Jared Leto already plays Joker in the DC Cinematic Universe. But his portrayal was received in a negative manner , thanks to his bizarre gangster looks as well the choppy editing of Suicide Squad. While this move , if made , is certain to cause a sense of confusion in general audience , the studio seems adamant to move forward with the project.

While this update should be taken with a pinch of salt , but if true , we should be having more casting call with us in the future. Let us know what opinion you hold of the Joker origin movie , in the comments section below. And keep following us for more updates on the project. 


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