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Justice League has fueled its promotion to a maximum  in this last phase of promotion. Now we have the set interviews of the cast from the movie where they share some more tidbits from the movie and their role in it.




First we have Henry Cavill talking about Superman in the movie where he explains why the man of steel is more of an idea in the movie. He is a source of inspiration and hope which has even pulled one of the darkest character of DC Comics , Batman from the darkness a bit. He also goes on to share his personal experience and how much he resonates with the role he plays on the big screen. As you can see Henry is sitting on a Star Labs set. How much does this resonates with the movie will be revealed next week as the movie breaks open in theaters.



Next up , we come to Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman in the upcoming superhero team-up movie . She explains how her character understands the threat that is looming and how she helps Bruce make the team come together.



Jason Momoa talks about his character Arthur Curry and Aquaman in the upcoming movie Justice League and his solo adventure to be coming out next year.



Next up , we have Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher who plays Bruce Wayne / Batman and Victor Stone / Cyborg. Affleck sheds some light on the transition of his inner searching in Batman v Superman to assembling the team and saving the world in Justice League. Ray Fisher also discusses about the importance of Cyborg in the team. There is also a very fun discussion in the video regarding the Bat-mobile in the video.



Affleck teases a very satisfying final fight from the movie where Ray Fisher focuses more on the character developments throughout the course of the movie.

So what did you think of the interviews ? Let us know in the comments section below.



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