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Justice League is a movie , a DC fan should be hyped about right now , irrespective of his/her opinion about the conduct of the previous DC Films.Thus we are here today with 5 things that might help you to enjoy the movie more.Come on ! That’s cool ! 



We will suggest you 5 things which will definately help you enjoy the movie more. Try and follow it in a order and by the end of the list , you would have a ton of knowledge about what the movie can be about. Nothing we say will be out-of-the-box or irrelevant. So read along and follow the provided links to the addressed content. The order of the list is made assuming you skip to the next only when you know about the first one.


1.Watch Justice League : War



I would have suggested you the original panel “Justice League : Origins” by Geoff Johns but considering the time , many would prefer a good watch to a good read. So you can check out Justice League : War which is a nice animated adaptation of Origins. The main reason for this suggestion is that the movie judging by its trailers bears an intense resemblance to this animated DC movie. Though the animated feature differ in few perspectives as there is Lantern and Shazam in the team yet , Superman is believed to be dead , it is Steppenwolf in place of Darkseid but….there is some very interesting similarities. One major one is that of Cyborg and how important he is to the plot of the entire story. The thing is elaborated and  explained in our article Role of Cyborg and the video from our Facebook regarding the same is provided below :


We always have been finding a striking resemblance of the upcoming Justice League movie to Geoff Jonn's JL : Origins or its animated adaptation , JL : War especially witht the Cyborg part , whom we believe will be the fulcrum of the plot rather than a plot device or a character.Share this with your DC friends and let us know what you think of it.If you want more of this sort of fan theories/derivations subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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Furthermore , the movie provides basic insight about the planet Apokolips , Darkseid , motherboxes , parademons and boomtubes for those who don’t know much about them.


2.Watch our Road to Justice League


Nothing would be more foolish to recommend you to watch the previous DC films as obviously all of you are fans here. You must have memorized everything from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman by now , but it is also true , a review of the memories helps a lot to fuel up the hype before the movie. Especially the movie is a buildup of multiple movies in a shared universe. Something just can’t be admired untill it is pointed to the eye. Here is a road we made a while ago that explains the journey from the beginning till the events of Batman v Superman , the timeline adjusted in a linear order according to DCEU. Here is the video for your consideration :



3.Know about Steppenwolf and Darkseid



Steppenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid and commander of the Apokoliptian parademon forces.According to the sources , he is old and weary , and wants to come out of the clutches of his evil nephew. He wields a big electro-mechanical axe which seems to cut through everything.Also he has faced innumerable cosmic protectors and threats like lantern(s) , kryptonian(s) and a matured Doomsday ( the one Lex built is a baby and was definately not the first ). He might have also killed some gods , which we will come to in the next section. So when we see of him in the modern day , he is an old experienced tactician. That is pretty self-explanatory from the last trailer where he lays waste to Wonder Woman and Aquaman on a one-to-one basis. The only person seems to stand his ground is Cyborg and if you have watched Justice League : War and the video we provided in point 1 , you know why.



Darkseid , on the other hand is a tyrannical ruler of a planet Apokolips , which resides outsides the constraints of space and time and is much more harsher than the likes of Krypton. He wields the omega force/power which transformed him into a stone-like creature. A history lesson short , Jack Kirby modeled Darkseid’s character on that of Adolf Hitler and the world of Apokolips on Nazi Germany. Like Hitler, Darkseid is a megalomaniac and warmonger who, in fascist style, sees every citizen as an extension of the state and himself. His society is highly militant, with children being indoctrinated from a young age to be warlike and utterly loyal to him. You have seen the parademons and the omega symbol in the knightmare scene of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice already.



Below is a video extract from the Superman : The Animated Series (1997) which will provide you a basic knowledge of Darkseid , Apokolips and New Genesis.This will act as a base on which we will discuss old and new gods in the next portion :


A startup guide from Superman : The Animated Series about the planet Apokolips and Darkseid.And to those who have seen it , did you notice how this whole sequence was a tribute to Jack Kirby ? #dccomics #darkseid-The Knight

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4.Know a bit about Old Gods and New Gods 



Now this is a complex thing for those who do not know about but a basic knowledge of them will help. Follow our lead and the links we provide you , and you will be good to go.Now , it is clear from the trailers that Steppenwolf had brought devastation (if not death) to the likes of Zeus/Poseidon/Athena etc in a war long before the movie Justice League. For additional proof , you can refer to the clip shown here at a spanish show  provided below :



We can clearly hear Steppenwolf remarking Diana as blood of the old gods (which we know she is from her solo movie) and exclaiming that gods die. Somehow they were able to contain him and send him back and the 3 motherboxes remained on this earth. ( If you are following this list in the order specified , the movie Justice League : War should have provided you with a basic insight of what a motherbox is and how is it related to Boom tubes. )



Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle but what we want to put our focus on is with accordance to the New and Old God’s theory. Darkseid or Uxas’s father is Yuga Khan or Zonuz  . Now it is totally up to speculation but here is a theory which may just be plausible : Steppenwolf is old now but he was a bit younger back when he tried to invade earth centuries ago. Now Steppenwolf has never operated on his own , he had always had someone commanding over him. Now if we believe Darkseid or Uxas was too young back then , it is possible Yoga Khan was the king of Apokolips back then.



Whether he came to earth with Steppenwolf is a completely different thing , but what’s exciting is with an ardent fan like Zack on the head , this theory has a probability to be more of a reality.  Though it is not necessary to read Jack Kirby’s New Gods but the first war between Steppenwolf and the combined strength of Atlanteans , Amazonians and men together will hold a strong tribute to his New Gods.


5.Taste some old wine


Well , this is especially for the fans. The following couple of things will surely juggle up a lot of memories. There is not much to be said as this is just “Nostalgia”.


a.Justice League : The Animated Series original intro 


b.Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short


c.Justice League : The Animated Series best moments


That was all folks. Tried to make it as simple as possible.We are rephrasing ourselves , we made the list assuming you are well acquainted with the DCEU movies. This is the first time , the likes of Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , Flash , Aquaman and Cyborg appear on the big screen to fight the general of Apokolips. It is an event to celebrate ! What’s most interesting about the movie though is how Superman is gonna return and how does Justice League connect and branch out to other solo movies and a potential sequel.

Let us know what you thought of our list and be sure to follow us for more updates on Justice League before/on/after release. Additionally , you can initiate a discussion about this movie in our forums.Have a great day !

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