What is Cyborg’s Role in Justice League ?1 min read

Cyborg is a character we have strong suspicion might hold connection with Apokolips by the method in which he is created by the mother boxes.Here is a suspicion which just might come to be true.


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From day 1 , we have been observing a striking resemblance to Cyborg from the upcoming movie Justice League’s trailers and his arc to Geoff John’s Justice League : Origins or its animated adaptation Justice League : War. And as the movie comes closer and we are exposed to more footage , our belief strengthens. The movie is just about a month away and now might be the time for fan speculation to kick in.

Whether it’s his creation with a motherbox or the abilities the motherbox grants him or his ability to open boom tubes , he is going to play further more than just a part of the team or a plot device. Here’s a video from our Facebook page to help enlighten the facts we are trying to convey to you :



So what did you think of the speculation ? Be sure to drop your opinions in the comments box down below ! 

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