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DC Comics along with Warner Brothers and AT&T has run into full fledged promotion for their upcoming epic team-up superhero movie , Justice League. A movie both bonded by expectations and hype , the promotion material never misses to leave a spark in the hearts of hardcore DC fans.

And why should the Bluray Magazine cover be any different ? The magazine feature the 5 spectrum of this famous team :




Ray Fisher as Cyborg 



Ezra Miller as the Flash



Jason Momoa as Aquaman




Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman



Ben Affleck as Batman 

Which one do you like the most ? Is it the Dark Knight ? Or the fastest man alive ? Or the king of Seven Seas ? Or the Amazonian princess ? Or Cyborg ? Or…Oh crap ! He’s not here.

Nonetheless let us know which one did you like in the comments section below.

The Knight

A superhero enthusiast who has a sweet tooth for classical film-making. Thus The Dark Knight and Logan remains his all time favorite CBMs. Also tries to write content which is not only good in its own respect but also brings out the best in his readers.

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