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Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel might be the first lady super-heroine to grace the ambitious Marvel silver screen but there is a lot of thought process involved which had led to this. And that include a lot of more female-led movies to follow , confirms Marvel President Kevin Fiege. While we know Marvel is working upon a Black Widow standalone and a Ms Marvel movie is being planned upon , there are always possibilities for more if we consider the entire Marvel lore ; especially after Disney gets the rights to Marvel’s elite X-Men.

With [Ant-Man and The Wasp] and now with Captain Marvel and many movies to be announced in the near future, I’m anxious for the time where it’s not a novelty that there is a female-led superhero movie, but it is a norm,” Feige expressed his excitement to EW. “And it is less a story of, ‘Oh, look, a female hero,’ and it’s more a story of, ‘Oh, what’s this about? Who’s this character? I’m excited to see that.’ And I think we can get there.” 

Comic book aficionado and industry veteran Fiege points out in his simple words as to why it didn’t work till now. “And my belief was always that they didn’t work not because they were female-led stories — they didn’t work because they were not particularly good movies.” Ladies have been an integral part of the genre from the start but never in charge of themselves. It was not until Patty Jenkins’s and DC’s Wonder Woman that the industry obtained confidence that it could work. Fiege didn’t seem to shy away from that fact at all. 

I’ve always said, I root for all genre movies because the success of those movies helps us. Because not everybody knows the difference between what studio makes what movie or what comic book company what character comes from.” explained the 45 year old Marvel chief. So I’m very pleased when any film in our genre [does well] — not just superheroes, but action or sci-fi or anything. The success of Wonder Woman made me very happy because as I’ve said before in the press, I’d much rather the question be, ‘Oh gosh, what did you think about that successful female-led hero that came out a few years ago?’ Rather than the question I used to get, which was, ‘Are you afraid that people don’t want to see a female hero?

So that should in itself put light on what’s going behind the Marvel curtains and what are all in plans ( maybe the all star female movie as well ? ) Let us know what you think of Kevin Fiege’s comments in the section down below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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