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Director Sandberg reveals the inspiration source for Shazam’s outfit in the upcoming DC Film.



The production for the standalone movie of the titular DC Comics hero , Shazam has begun. The movie will see Zachary Levi as the superhero Shazam while Asher Angel as Billy Batson. Based on a screenplay by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke , Lights out director David Sandberg has taken the lead. 

The filmmaker who maintains a good communication with his online fans has dropped major hints about the project regarding the tone and nature of the movie. Now Sandberg has revealed in a Q&A about the source from where fans can expect the costume’s inspiration. 

It should come as a delight to some fans , the director reveals that the movie’s costume will take inspiration from Justice League : War. The animated movie was an adaptation of Geoff Johns’s Justice League : Origin. DC Cinematic Universe takes heavy inspirations from the New 52 , so this update shouldn’t strike as a surprise.

“The suit has some similarities to his look in Justice League: War,” Sandberg revealed.“Once pics have been released I can tell you more about where the inspirations came from and why certain choices were made.” 

So let us know what you thought of this update ? Would you love to see Shazam’s costume take inspiration from Justice League : War ? Let us know in the comments section below. And follow us for more Shazam updates.


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