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So I am assuming most of you have seen the movie Thor : Ragnarok by now. For those who haven’t , be sure to go back , watch the movie and then read this article. This article deals heavily with everything we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe till now  ! 



“Our very strength invites challenge, challenge incites conflict, and conflict… Breeds catastrophe” , its as honest as it gets about a world of superheroes , leave alone , the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It all started when a certain S.H.E.I.L.D. head agent decided to head for the avengers initiative , an idea for a group of people to come together to fight wars humans were incapable of. Maybe that idea was initiated with Fury saw Captain Marvel aka Carol Denvers years ago. However , later on , the events of Civil War led a big crack to the idea and Thor : Ragnarok just adding onto it ; just on a different approach though.

A quick jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe , at the end of Thor Ragnarok we get to see Thor , Loki , Hulk , Korg and the people of Asgard face Thanos’s ship. It is evident from the leaked SDCC trailer to Avengers : Infinity War (where Thor ends up on the windscreen of the Gaurdians’s ship among debris which looked like remains of his ship) that Thanos had a head on with Thor. If they go on a linear path , this might also explain why Fiege says ” the first 5 minutes of the movie should show why Thanos is the baddest villain of the MCU“. Loki will obviously trade for a safe passage with the space stone. The officially released trailer for Infinity War also helps us see where Hulk end up as well after the incident. Just like Silver Surfer in the comics , he went down into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.



Among all the action let us revise the positions of the infinity stones/gems in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Thor Ragnarok ends – the thing all this is about ! The time stone is in one of the Sanctum Sanctorum in earth , the mind stone powers Vision , the space stone with Loki , the reality stone with the collector , the power stone with the Nova Corps  and the position of the soul gem unknown. Most probably it is in Wakanda or in Heimdall’s eyes. If its in Wakanda , the Black Panther should be aware of it. 

Now let us go further in the trailer ; we see Thanos arriving to Earth with a gauntlet studded with the power gem and space gem. Its easy to rationalize that he and his black order cut down through the Nova Corps to get the former while Loki offered him the latter for a token of redemption (considering Thanos gave it to him first in the events of Avengers 2012).  If we consider Tony with Spiderman and Guardians are off to the collector , it seems Thanos has send his forces to earth in the quest of the rest of the 3 stones while he deals with them . We see his Black Order ripping out the mind stone from Vision and Captain with the forces of War Machine , Hulk , Black Widow , Winter Soldier , Black Panther and the Wakandian army face the alien race Dominator ; send off by Thanos. All this is taking place in Wakanda , thus strengthening mu belief of the location of  the soul gem.



Obviously , this is all happening for the crack in the team after the events of Avengers : Age of Ultron ; but fans should know that if the Avengers join hands after Thanos assembles the stones ; its too late. And probably that is what is going to happen in the movie itself ; for some reason they won’t be able to stop the heist. And Avengers : Infinity War should end on a point similar to how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part – 1 ended , with Voldemort getting access to the elderly wand.

Now while this is a speculation at its best capacity , you will find this the most convenient one to believe out of the several ones out there. But then again , what kind of a fan does not speculate ?  There is just a matter of about 4 months untill we get to see the movie and obviously we are going to get a lot of promotional material before that. The filmmakers have said that the unnamed Avengers 4 will be named after the audience are done with Avengers : Infinity War…so things get interesting there as well. So how do you think the doom is going to actually impend onto the Earth’s Mightiest heroes ? Will they lose for the first time in Infinity War ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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