Marvel Exec teases Intriguing Announcement For Tomorrow1 min read

Just after Marvel declared 3 untitled movie in their slate ,  a Marvel executive hints at something more for tomorrow. 


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The Marvel Cinematic universe has lots to share with us as the news regarding the universe continues to flood in. Earlier , we came to know Avengers : Infinity War is coming early and that Marvel has slated 6 untitled movies for 2021-2022

Now Ryan Penagos, Marvel’s VP & Creative Executive of New Media, tweeted something big coming up tomorrow. While nothing is mentioned to what the fans can expect , there is a wide range of possibility to what might the tease be for. Check out the tweet below : 



While the most obvious deduction of the GIF can be the much awaited second trailer of Avengers : Infinity War. With the movie now pulled closer , this seems a good time to drop the final tease. While some of you might question about the whole X-Men / Fantastic 4 thing , I seriously don’t think that might be the case.

Let us know what you think of Marvel’s latest tease ? Is it a trailer for Infinity War coming up or is it something else ? Let us know in the comments section below and keep following us for more updates.

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