Marvel reveals the name for Avengers : Infinity War’s snap ; is mutant gene already formed ?3 min read


Many things happened in Avengers : Infinity War and that too at a very steady rate , the main reason why our heroes could’t stop the Mad Titan. But nothing compares to the destruction Thanos brought to this world with the snap of his completed gauntlet. He ended up diminishing half of the life form existent on this universe.  Such a horrific name deserves a name that can invoke terror in the hearts of fans even in the future.

And thus Marvel has came up with a name for that. Brandon T.Snider’s new novel “The Cosmic Quest Volume Two: Aftermath” takes place after the events of Avengers : Infinity War and there the event is referred to as “decimation”. And seemingly this will be the name to be used in the future MCU to address the event. Convenient , huh ?  But here is where things get interesting.



Lets rewind the clock a decade back. Back in 2005 , Marvel debuted the House of M , written by  Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Olivier Coipel, There , Scarlet Witch lost herself in the grief of her children and tried to recreate them by bending reality itself. The resultant severely affected the Mutant gene thereby diminishing the mutant population from millions to count of hundreds. The event was named decimation. Now as a comic book fan , one can help notice the purpose behind keeping the same name for the snap in Avengers : Infinity War.  I mean there are several other words that could have been used.

So , reciprocal to the comics , is the “Decimation: already created abnormalities in human gene a.k.a mutation ?  Can this be the way the mutants are introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ? Or Marvel intentionally planned this name to confuse fans further more ? If you ask me , this might not be as much a far fetched idea as it may seem.

With the possibilities of Disney acquiring FOX fully as early as January and Fiege having said that he has a couple of idea of how to introduce the X-Men into the MCU , this speculation is more of a possibility. House of M is considered a huge event in modern day comics which not changed the foundation of Marvel’s universe for ever. We can see the same happening with Marvel Cinematic Universe with directors continuously teasing an ultimate sacrifice.

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