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If you don’t know yet , Netflix has cancelled both Iron Fist and Luke Cage back to back. That means that Harlem’s black hero and the protector of Kun Lun both are not coming back for their third season. While Iron Fist’s inferior quality could be cited as a reason for this action one can not help wonder whether there is a far deeper cause.

Especially since we know  Disney is gearing up for their streaming service which will contain quality product from all of their properties , both old and new acquired from FOX. This also applies to all of our beloved Marvel characters. Back in the day , I made an article fearing whether that could be the end of all Netflix Marvel shows and looks like it is coming true. Though nobody can argue that the quality of the shows has dipped down across all Netflix-Marvel originals (excluding the like of Daredevil) and the all star Netflix team-up The Defenders was a failure , there is also a deep question arising here.

Is this the end of all Hard Rated R shows ? Because due to the hard coded standard of the House of Mouse , it’s very hard to imagine of them thinking about a Rated R Marvel TV show. Though one can never neglect the success MCU has achieved staying within the boundaries of PG 13 , it is essential to know the fundamental differences between the two screens. What worked for the movies might not be as enjoyable for the small screen. Additionally , shows like Punisher , Daredevil and dozens of new ideas (like Moon Knight which could have made it to Netflix somewhere in the future) is very hard to be worked upon standing on a basic PG ground. Some of the finest Daredevil and Punisher lores are themselves Rated R in the comic books.

But if Disney is adamant to remove all Marvel permissions from Netflix just for the sake of competing with it in the billion dollar streaming business , there is very little room left for discussion. Let us know what you feel about the cancellations of the shows in the comments below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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