New Avengers 4 promo art features a costumed Hulk and a new Titan armor2 min read


The upcoming Avengers 4 will have a compounded story-line compared to Avengers : Infinity War. And the creative team of writers and directors behind the project has teased the same time and again. While Avengers : Infinity War was a situation that escalated very quickly giving an edge to Thanos over the divided heroes. Avengers 4 might not be the same. While some set photos has teased flashback or some sort of time travel taking place , few concept arts has surfaced which features a basically new and bigger team.

Obviously we know Captain Marvel will be joining the team , but what’s most notable is that Hulk is in some sort of costume. It’s very hard to give this some sort of validity as this piece of artwork might be promotional material or just a fan art. But whatever it is , the concept looks very cool to look at. Take a look at it below : 



Additionally , we also have a new look at Thanos gearing up in a new costume with a sword. Remember , this is not the first time we are seeing of this and that gives this a little more validity. Since the story is cracked up in half , it’s difficult to figure out what concept is from which movie.If the gauntlet has indeed been damaged , Thanos would need the aid of a weapon to face the Avengers , now probably more ready and powerful than ever. Have a look at the concept art below : 



Let us know what you thought of the arts in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.


Source – HeroX

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