New Avengers : Infinity War clip focuses on Spider-man as he swings into action2 min read

A new Avengers : Infinity War clip focuses on Spider-man and his life when the threat arrives on Earth.



Thanos and his army is going to come to Earth while the World’s mightiest heroes deal with their internal problems. Thanos and his quest for an infinity stones brings with it a threat the Avengers has not faced before. But what worrying is the young Peter Parker aka Spider-man in all these action.

He has never been into Avengers stuff before and this will be the first time he battles some powerful cosmic villain alongside the Avengers. Though he would be given a new suit with many new capabilities to fight in the space , he is still too young for all this. Experience is something which is crucial in this battle against the Mad Titan , especially if one considers the fact that Thanos himself is quite experienced.

A new clip from Avengers : Infinity War focuses on the life of Peter Parker when the threat arrives on Earth. The brief clip sees Peter asking Ned to distract the other kids in the bus while he swings down the bridge to investigate the cosmic threat. Have a look : 



Tom Holland has previously mentioned that we will be able to see the web-head fight side by side the Wakandian princess and genius , Shuri. While the character is been in MCU since the recent Civil War incidents , Peter has developed a good relationship with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. While we have seen the mentor finally address his student as an Avenger , it is still left to see what this little red web-head is truly capable of.

Irrespective of all that , Spider-man adds an extra glamour to the Marvel Cinematic Jewel. He and Guardians of the Galaxy , irrespective of their arcs , will serve as major eye candies in the movie. With the 30 minutes reactions being fairly positive and the movie just around the corner , it might be time to buckle up. Let us know what you think of the clip in the comments section below. And follow us for more Avengers : Infinity War updates.

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Why can’t I resist the idea that Peter is gonna die in Infinity War to be resurrected later ? He is a kid after all , inexperienced.

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