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More leaked images continue to pour in as the third season of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil moves towards the end of its principal photography. The third season about to grace us later this year is taking inspiration from Frank Miller’s Born Again.

And that is quite indicative from the latest reveal where Matt supposedly is on the trail of a doppelganger. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen looks to have got to the end of the road tracking his impostor. Have a look at the picture below from Reddit :



Matt is back in his former black ninja avatar while the impostor seemed to be wearing his iconic attire. Stolen ? Re-crafted ? Who knows. For now , this image is the best perspective of what’s about to come on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Nonetheless , Born Again is a huge arc to make a season on and it comes at a huge risk as well. If Netflix and the creative team can pull things up nicely , we are surely in for a show. Not to mention , the platform the arc will give to Wilson Fisk to grace the screen with his weirdly daunting yet suave personality.

Let us know what you deduced from the picture in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.


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