New Krypton trailer introduces the house of Zod2 min read

The newest trailer to the SYFY series gives us our first look at the house of Zod.



“Kneel before Zod”…this infamous dialogue has been prominent among DC fans for years. Thanks to the Man of Steel enemy General Zod. And the newest trailer teases that , but with references to the house of Zod.

SYFY’s Krypton is looking forward to the house of El before Kal-El was born. It is reported to revolve around Superman’s grandfather who will also participate in time travel in an attempt to save Krypton’s inevitable fate. But looks like he would have serious competition from the House of Zod. In an attempt to transcend the famous superhero conflict to a matter of generations , the latest trailer introduces to us the house of aggressive warriors.

Check out the trailer below : 



While many fear the show to take the same path as Gotham , I feel there is a lot of possibilities that the show can explore. The show will explore the city of  Kandor , which gets bottled by Braniac in canon story lines. With shows like Krypton and Metropolis , we can expect uncharted territories of the Superman lore to be explored as well.

How do you feel of the house of Zod to get introduced in the show. Would you love to see a take on the conflicts between the houses for generations in Krypton.Sound off your thoughts in the comment section below and follow us for more Krypton updates.


Krypton premieres on Syfy on March 21st.



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