New report suggests that Flashpoint may no longer be happening !3 min read

According to a new report , it seems Flashpoint is a past-tense for DC at the moment.



Ever since Warner Brothers have announced the first solo Flash movie in the DC Films to be titled Flashpoint , there has been a controversy surrounding the project. That makes sense looking at the broad prospect of the Flashpoint Paradox and the character involved in the same. It would be bigger than a Justice League movie.

Flashpoint Paradox has found itself to be an inspiration on various platforms. After the DC Animated movie , even The Flash CW didn’t hesitate to tease the lore as much as it could. Since Flashpoint Paradox brought in a huge change in the DC Comics introducing the New52 , the movie was expected to do the same in DC Films. While the cool alternate characters in the Flashpoint are stuffs nerds always dream of , a report suggests that Flashpoint may be a thing of the past for the universe.

In a new report of The Hollywood Reporter , writer Borys Kit wrote , ” He [Dan Mazeau] worked on the Warner Bros.’ Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint.” The writer later took to his twitter to clarify that he meant to refer to the title and not the adaption. However it is enough of an indirect hit to suggest that the prospect of a Flashpoint might not be working well with the executives right now. Especially after the failure of DC Films’s epic team-up movie : Justice League.

Due to conflict over creative control , the studio has lost multiple directors for the Flash standalone. The cross-hair is now upon Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Most of the fans have condoned DC’s tendency to jump over several lores to compete with Marvel. Flashpoint , in my opinion , is a step up in that direction. With a sensitive present state , DC Films should be looking on to simpler entertainers to introduce a solid base of well fleshed-out character before they can try out anything funny.

At the end of the day , lets admit it. We don’t want DC to die over few movies and find something to point upon as the problem. We want to DC to sustain as Marvel did all this years with good wit. Let us know what you feel about the same.Would you love the first adventure outing of Ezra Miller’s scarlet speedster to create a flashpoint or you wnat something simpler ? Let us know in the comments section below and keep following us for more updates.

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