New TITANS Character Breakdown refers to an Indian DC Comics character joining the team2 min read

A new character breakdown may hint towards a Indian DC Comics character , joining the character roster in the new Titans show.



Titans have already been casting DC Comics heroes from all cultures and race. Now a new character breakdown from The Hashtag Show indicates towards an Indian character from the DC lore , joining the team.


[MONICA SAINI] Female, early 20s-early 30s, East Indian.  Has the mentality of a survivor and the scars along with it. Unsettled and a little unusual. Orphan. Limited dialogue in her first appearance.  Must be familiar with Hindi.  POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR.


That can align to multiple characters from the lore , but most of those are villainous in nature. One , fortunately is not. Her name is Kiran Singh , often referred to as Solstice. She is a light powered hero and a member of the Teen Titans was created by JT Krul and Nicola Scott.. A little insight into her background , Kiran lives with her parents Vijay Singh and Rani Singh in Delhi, India. They are both brilliant archaeologists who travel to various dig sites around the world. On a trip to the Archaeological Conference in London, Kiran met and befriended Wonder Girl, who had a lot in common with her. Cassie’s mother, Helena Sandsmark, has worked with Kiran’s parents. It is also to be noted that her solar energy has a bad effect on Raven ( played by Teagan Croft). 

In any case , inclusion of Kiran would be a cool addition to the team. Her sense of adventure , survival and multi-culture influence will definately bring a new flavor to the show.Additionally , her parents disappearance in Mohenjo-daro , Pakistan is a cool story of its own and can be touched upon by a episode. Let us know what you think of the character breakdown in the comments section below and follow us to stay updated on Titans


Source – The Hashtag Show


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