New Titans casting might be hinting towards Ra’s Al Ghul2 min read

Batman enemy Ra’s Al Ghul might be appearing in Titans.


Ra’s Al Ghul in Titans ?


Titans might just be the #1 among most of DC Comic’s fan’s anticipation list . The show has done some interesting casting and we have had some rumors of some more. While most of the characters bear a close proximity to the Dark Knight , this new one might just be the closest so far. Yes , I am talking about the man who is both Bruce’s master as well as his father-in-law. A new casting description from the Hashtag show indicate towards the leader of the League of Assassin , Ra’s Al Ghul : 


Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.


A statutory warning of reference to another character still apply but the words “middle-eastern” , “manipulative with unparalleled intelligence” strongly infers to the demon head.As we know , Ra’s Al Ghul has appeared in several Batman movies and TV shows in different forms and capacities. So looking forward to him in the new Titans show should strike as nothing short of awesome. Though there is not much of a connection between the teen titans and Ra’s , recently DC Comics has joined the wires by making his grandson Damian join the team.

In any case , Ra’s Al Ghul is a nice villain to use in a Titans show. The question remains as to how will he be used ? So what did you think of this update ? Would you like to see the infamous Ra’s Al Ghul pose a threat to Titans or be a ally to Trigon or Brother Blood ? Let us know in the comments section below and follow us for more Titans update.



Source – The Hashtag Show



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