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After waiting for a day , Sony has finally released the new Venom trailer featuring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero.




When it comes to Venom , there seems to exist a bit of hesitation in the fan community of whether or not to be hyped for it. While certainly Tom Hardy as the popular symbiote driven Spiderman villain is a thing to look forward to , fans are still worried that the movie is not part of the MCU.

Although rumors indicate that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will appear in the movie. Nevertheless , till now we know nothing much about the movie. Except that the movie will be inspired from The Lethal Protector story line and that Riz Ahmed will represent Doctor Drake in the Sony movie. We have had a lot of set photos and videos of Hardy but none of them was as much revealing to be considered.

Now after about a day of being teased , Sony has finally revealed a first look at their upcoming project.Although the trailer does not give us the first look of the titular antihero it does present us with a few action beats giving us a action thriller setting for the movie.It truly is a teaser and it is evident that Sony is going to make us wait until the official trailer to unveil the first look of Venom.



While we are not shown the titular symbiote driven villain in its full glory , we do get to get an insight into Eddy’s character. His heartbreaks , his vulnerabilities and more.That is fair as Sony wants to be more confident with their CGI before they show the fully rendered Venom to their fans. Especially after Spiderman 3. 

Let us know what you thought of the trailer. Are you looking forward to the movie ? Let us know in the comments section below. Venom hits theaters October 2018.


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