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Since its inception , DC Films (or whatever it is called) is facing critical criticism for an wide array of reasons , its peak being around Batman v Superman. A lot of people were not able to like Snyder’s World’s Finest for their dark nature of operating. Things got worse with Snyder’s daughter unfortunate death , following which there were rumors that the studio used that as a leverage to take down Snyder. Bringing Joss Whedon wasn’t necessarily a good thing and the final product was the proof of that.

But even if DC Films has faced critical bashing , it still has lots of hope left. The immediate silver lining being James Wan’s Aquaman himself , quickly followed by Sandberg’s Shazam and Patty Jenkin’s WW84. There are also a lot of films in pipeline , including Matt Reeves’s The Batman and Todd Philip’s Joker Origin movie ( separate from DC Films ). Honestly speaking after Walter Hamada was appointed the head at DC , things are sounding pretty good for the studio moving on.

Chris MCKay , who was supposed to begin photography on his Nightwing movie , got delayed due to his other commitments. Both he still shares the same fandom like us when it comes to DC Films. Here is what he said , when a fan asked him an update on the Nightwing project : 



Good things could be shaping up for DC Films at last and we surely will get to know a lot of this next month at San Diego Comic Con. Aquaman trailer is already confirmed to air during the Hall H event but I am sure there are many more surprises to follow. Comment down below what you think of the filmmaker’s comments in the section down below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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