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No more Netflix powered Marvel shows ? That should be one of the last things a Marvel fan would have to ask if not worry about ! Unfortunately, according to a Wall Street Journal report , this is very much closing in to reality with Disney looking forward to make Marvel shows exclusive to its new streaming service ! Could this mean the end to Charlie’s Daredevil , Jon’s Punisher and the Defenders or we are all looking into something more ? Find out in this article.



The Netflix’s Marvel shows has been unique and bold in whatever it has tried to present. Most of the times it has been more hits than misses. It has been successful in giving us great character like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil , Vincent D’Onofrio ‘s Wilson Fisk , Jon Brenthal’s Frank Castle , Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and many more. Initially the shows were promised to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to exist in the same world as of Robert Downey jr. ‘s Tony Stark . However with the addition of several new characters , that promise seems to have faded away in the sands of time. That shouldn’t be much of a problem as fans has accepted the bloody dark universe as an entirety separate from the PG-13 film universe by now.

However an article from Wall Street Journal sheds some new light on a new Disney plan which could wreak every possible dreams of a fan of these shows. So what are we looking at exactly ? On the initial stage of the streaming service , Disney declared that they would use original content for the streaming service. But now , according to the report , Disney plans to stream all of the Marvel shows exclusively on its streaming service. There’s no direct indication of what will happen to the existing Marvel shows on Netflix , but at this point , saying that it will continue as it is , is just a consolation to the heart.

The WSJ story also confirms that Disney’s as-of-now stalled plan to buy  21st Century Fox ( or a chunk of it ) ties directly to their goals of trying to compete with Netflix. “We’ve turned our attention to the one platform seeing growth challenges,” Disney Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer says in the article. “That’s the television platform.” Having got exclusive control of FOX’s TV shows , Disney would’ve presumably moved over to enriching their streaming service. Mayer also says to think of the Disney streaming service “not an anti-Netflix move, but a pro-Disney move.”

Now , being rational , this is the right decision from the side of Disney in the circumstances of creating a new streaming service that needs to compete the likes of Netflix. With all the resources Disney has and it can have by pulling in the rights it has scattered out , it would be a little unwise to do things differently. However ,  this plans ( inclusive of pulling MCU movies to their streaming as well) would likely have to cost a sum of 300 million dollars annually , according to WSJ. Disney however , seems confident of their move being a good pay off in the future. As of present , Netlix is releasing Marvel’s Punisher next week and the third season of the highly anticipated Daredevil , second seasons of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are already under production. Its safe to conclude that the future of all other shows are under stake for now.

Now the main thing ! What it is for fans like us ? If this characters are shifted to the new Disney service (which is likely to follow the general Disney mandate ) some of the main attributes for which we love these shows, is bound to get lost/diluted. Netflix, on the other hand, continues their own quest of entertainment domination, with plans to spend at least 8 billion dollars in creating original content for 2018. That’ll continue the head-start they already have on Disney, who plan to debut their streaming service in 2019.

It is to be noted though that different company/studio/service need to continue to put their own share of content on the table . If any one of them lags behind in providing quality content , the competition by its nature forces that one to do better next time . Moreover there is this entire thing about diversity which is crucial to comicbook industry now more than ever. Thus at the end of the day , one roof for all is not necessarily a good thing. But that is our opinion. We would like to hear from you on this as well. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Source – The Wall Street Journal


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