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Justice League is a newly released superhero movie based on DC Comics characters which sees the likes of Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , Flash , Cyborg and Aquaman join hands to face Steppenwolf and his army of parademons. But is it any good or the same as Rotten Tomatoes claim it to be ? Find out in our Justice League review down below !



For a ship which has no captain , it sails alright ! But what is the definition of alright ? Lets dive in !

Justice League starts up with a world without Superman and how people from different privileges are coping with the absence of the god. Zack Snyder left a hole in Batman v Superman as to what exactly the Man of Steel did in his two year interaction with the human race as Superman. And the first few minutes along with the melancholy tune of Sigrid tries to fill in the gap.  Batman ,as you can see in the trailers is guilt ridden by the incidents of Batman v Superman and  tries to bring a few gifted people together along with Wonder Woman to save the world from the Apokoliptian Warlord Steppenwolf. They form the famous Justice League (which is not named) and Superman returns : that is what the movie is all about !

For an installment set in the DC Cinematic Universe , the movie tries its best to stand different from its predecessors in terms of tone. As a matter of fact, the movie is so light that it feels like a good episode from the Justice League animated show with better visuals. However it does not care to bridge the gap between Batman v Superman in terms of continuity , tonal shift and character evolution especially with the caped crusader. The death of Superman was not enough for me to experience a change from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns inspired old and weary Batman to an incarnation unlike any good recent comic book or animated counterpart. As a long time Batman fan , I can stand my ground that either Zack Snyder or the studios ( with Joss Whedon) used him for a plot device to bring the team together in the absence of the one who should have according to the lore. This and some recurring scenes might just turn out to be a disappointment for hardcore Batman fans similar to the manner Man of Steel was for some Superman traditionalists. Promoting one major  character in the cost of most of the others is a thing Justice League tries playing with throughout its course.




A massive entertainer for the DC Comics fan base and a generic popcorn flick , the movie suffers from some severe fundamental errors , plot and editing being the major issues. If you are not there just to get excited , you could feel a chunk of the material being brutally cut off from the movie in the editing room. I am not even talking of the fans who savored every remaining morsel the studio rolled out as part of the promotion.However , this could be one of the consequences of the decision , the WB CEO Kevin Tsuijhara took to make the movie under 2 hours. The movie could have genuinely used some more screen time. The movie hurries though the run time and destroys any fan desire of a memorable first Justice League movie to churn out a generic flawed flick.

I am a fan , but a comic book movie should foremost stand up as a movie which has a cohesive plot,screenplay,three dimensional characters and much more which this movie lacks abundantly.But there are positives too.This movie finally breaks out of the dark and broody tone and embraces the lightness and fun in a good way,well mostly.At one point in the movie Cyborg is told to quit brooding and get out more.Talk about literal transition.For the fans the movie is delight,filled with easter-eggs references and call backs to some older comics issues(cough hush cough doomsday clock).Oh and the league members’ chemistry is really good.All the heroes play well together.The scenes featuring all the members are the most memorable part of the movie.




Now lets look into the specific attributes of the movie.

DIRECTION-As you guys know Zack Snyder left the movie after principal photography following the tragic suicide of his daughter and Joss Whedon joined in to do the post production duties as well as the reshoots. This is reflected in the multiple creative heads working in contrasting styles.To be very honest this does not seem like a zack snyder movie barring a few scenes which can be a good thing or bad depending upon the audience but due to this change in directing duties and studio interference this movie does not have a cohesive tone or pace.It feels like a few video clips strung together than an actual piece of motion picture.

CINEMATOGRAPHY-To be honest the cinematography is not that impressive and Fabian Wagner(GOT,SHERLOCK)doesn’t get a chance to show his full skill set because of the VFX heavy nature of the movie. However some scenes from Gotham,Kent farm are admirable.

STORY & SCREENPLAY-Both as a comic book movie and in general this movie has some of the weakest writing and screenplay compared to all the cbms this year.The plot is the perfect exemplification of the word ”generic”.Maybe the movie had a cohesive story in the first draft but that got all mixed up in the creative hotchpotch which has hampered the movie big time.But having said that the story was simple and one could easily follow the movie from point A to point B.The movie takes heavy inspirations from Geoff John’s Justice League : Origins and its animated counterpart Justice League : War but fails to resemble its plot strength.

EDITING –  Probably the weakest attribute of this movie. From looking ugly and choppy at places , it hinders the streamline flow of the story and becomes a farrago at times.  It is to be noted though  that the restricted runtime inflicted by the studio had its effects on the editing but they could trade some of the fan tribute moments to the development of the characters and their respective back-stories. For a movie which is linear in direction , the editing makes it difficult at times to follow.




VFX – One of the most notable VFX errors lies in the reshoots where they had to digitally remove Superman’s mustache. The final product especially one particular scene looks downright horrible. Moving on to the next major flaw forces us to come to the villain of the movie , Steppenwolf. The character could seriously have used some extra layers of renditions.  Having said that , the rest of the war scenes and the under-water scenes were good enough for appreciation. The action sequences were decent to admirable at times with one sequence shining above all others. I really like Snyder’s 360 shots ( Zod holding Kal-El by the cape and throwing him after few rotations ; Doomsday holding Superman and kicking him through the terrain) and in this movie , it was replaced by an inverse S camera trajectory where Flash helps Diana reach her sword while in a free-fall.

MUSIC – Danny Elfman did a bad job in this movie doing injustice to both John William’s Superman score and his own Batman 1989 score. I was confused as to why Mr. Elfman did not use those 2 scores in their full capacity when he was given the right to do so.Also I really missed Zimmer’s score which I feel  has been integrated with this version of Superman. The score confusingly adapts Star Wars , Game of thrones and the Avengers theme all throughout which is baffling and shameful at the same time.

PERFORMANCES– Ben Aflleck did his best as the hopeful team leader but it was a big departure from his angry and dark portrayal of the dark knight. He is thrown into all the team interactions and we can see the Batman we love sometimes peep out of the overall light tone of the movie. Gal Gadot continues her good job as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman in the movie. She is the heart of the team. Ezra Miller shines as the Flash though he brings the added texture of humor and an uncanny resemblance to Wally West to the character Barry Allen. I really hope that he gets a standalone movie of his own which is not titled Flashpoint. Arthur Curry breaks strong as the Aquaman though his character personality lost its ground at times thanks to the party nature of the movie. I loved Ray Fisher as Cyborg and his skills as a stage performer shows through the little scope the movie provided him. Henry Cavill brings delight to the table for the traditionalist Superman fans as he and the team make Superman the best part of this movie. he other characters like Amy Adams’s Lois , Diane Lane’s Martha Kent , Connie Nielson’s Hippolyta , J.K. Simmon’s Commissioner Gordon , Jeremy Irons ‘s Alfred and Joe Morton’s Silas Stone are just plot devices and suffer the most from the editing procedure.



Summing it all up , I loved the experience and savored all the ester eggs , screens from iconic comic panels and references thrown at me but what’s important is what I carry out of the theater.And apart from a value for my ticket , it sadly results to a nothing. It is highly forgettable in this era of massive comic book movies where diversity is just another mandate. Slamming a movie for nothing is the least an intelligent comic book fan can do standing at 2017. But Justice League is a miss hit in a number of ways. It not only betrays fans after making them look into depths after Batman v Superman but also a let down as the first big screen adaptation of the most iconic superhero team-up ever. I , on a personal level enjoyed it more than I should have for I found all of my theories and speculations come true ( which if you are a follower should know about from my videos and articles) but at the end of the day , this is a movie and not a comic book. And movies like this should be treated as such to flourish more. I am confident though that this is  a step in the right direction and is nothing but a reboot of the ideas Man of Steel started with. Any theories like “it was all planned” does not pan out in the movie so I can’t take it that way.  So all things considered Superheroabode.com gives Justice League a 



You wouldn’t want to miss the end-credit scenes especially the last one as it kicks out the DC Cinematic universe a bit farther with two of the most crucial characters ( one new and one introduced) of the universe. So that was it guys, I enjoyed the movie , enjoyed the hell out of it but forgot about it after coming out of the theaters. The movie is definitely worth one watches or two but not like something to look forward to in the future. This however can act as a solid base for the future DC movies to branch out the tremendously potential characters of the lore in the big screen. I will definitely hope the movie crosses a billion ( which it will if it holds a decent multiplier up till star wars : The Last Jedi ) and ll look forward to the Blu-ray and the deleted scenes ( if they decide to release it ) when it comes out for home release. Also I can not wait to talk spoilers so be on the lookout for our spoiler review in a few hours.Let us know what you think of our Justice League review and where you stand different in the comments section down below.



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