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Back in August 2013 when Ben Affleck was declared as the new Batman and a direct replacement to Christian Bale , there was a kind of conflict between people who felt differently about the casting. I for one , supported him from day one and I never blamed him for my dislike towards either of Batman v Superman or Justice League. No one should as well. But now those days gone seem much simple…much uncomplicated. And a lot of grey shades have grew between the relationship of Ben Affleck and the iconic Bat mantle.

For one , the man who casted him is been diplomatically removed from the scene. He ain’t coming back , let that get out of the way. Second , Ben is chained down deeply by the restrains of alcohol and has undergone strict rehabilitation to be somewhat stable now. Third and the worst thing here , the insurance coverage that he owes towards the studio is somewhat going out of hand. But besides all of this negativity , one good Batman movie is the only thing DC needs right now to flip the coin in favor of them.  Lets get to a more definitive stand point where we all can agree upon that. 




A joint innovation of Finger and Kane , Batman appeared in 1939 and from then on maintained a status quo in the community. Carrying a daunting appeal to himself , the batman comics has most of the times found themselves in the safer side even in times of crisis. If you are well associated with the iconic hero’s lore , it’s not difficult to grasp why he is so popular. But how well does that transcend that to movies ? Because if we know one thing standing today , movies are the shining beacon in a comic book franchise and simultaneously bring more comic book readers.

After Adam West’s hugely popular Batman show which gave a campy look to Batman and his lore , there was a period of rest for the character and his popularity seemed to have reached the end of the line. People seemed to have lost the true vision Kane and Finger had all that years ago – the true foundation the Bat was built on. It was not until the later 1980s that talents like Frank Miller and Alan Moore grasped the fate of Batman in their own hands. Story lines which people even then knew were going to be legends in comic book fandom were released back to back : Death in the Family , Killing Joke , The Dark Knight Returns etc.



Simultaneously in Hollywood , people questioned the absence of the Dark Knight in a period where the Man of Steel was prospering at the hands of  Richard Donner. Shuffling through ideas , creative teams , scripts , directors and studios ; everything went well and WB/DC released Batman directed by Tim Burton in 1989. 

It was an important milestone in Batman’s silver screen presence because not only was that the character’s debut in Hollywood but the movie also displayed the dark knight to the massive crowd for who he truly was.  And people loved it. The sequel was also successful in expanding the lore outlined by Burton.

However the consecutive movies in the 1990s were a blunder and put a saturation point for Batman among the general movie goers. After a rest of a few years , WB handed the property to Christopher Nolan and the rest is history that need no brief for the modern generation. The trilogy was more of an inspiration rather than adaptation and took into effect some of the filmmaker’s grounded story-telling approaches. Though criticized for Batman’s fights and voice , no one can deny that The Dark Knight is the most widely acclaimed comic book movie till date.


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Among all this is also the fan base from Batman : The Animated Series and Justice League which saw Kevin Conroy redefine the caped crusader through his voice. Kevin Conroy has also lended his voices in several animated movies and Arkham video games. So the moral of the story is Batman has been a household name for people who eat and drink pop culture everyday and it is not because of some particular comic book or some particular movie franchise.

The appeal of Batman is a resultant of 80 years of storytelling’s foundation built  by different writers on the fascinating idea that popped into Kane’s head back in 1939. Characters like Batman are very few over the comic book community and are popular irrespective of who plays them. No matter how many times you reboot the character , its value will always be greater than other fellow characters. With this kind of value for a character , he is the silver bullet for DC/WB right now. Noting that their movie universe is in an utterly broken state , a good Batman movie might be their one way ticket back on track : good being the operating word.



Now some may argue that DC is more than just Batman and should concentrate on other superheroes. Fair enough. But it’s also to be noted that there are quite a few other characters in the Bat universe who are also quite famous. And WB has in fact started on working(or thinking) on their standalone movies including the likes of Batgirl , Nightwing , Joker , Harley and several others.

Inclusions of characters like Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon in a successful big budget Batman movie can easily facilitate viewers towards low budgeted Nightwing and Batgirl movies. And that was just an example. DC can intertwine movies together in a whole new level , something Marvel is planning for after Avengers 4. 



There have been rumors regarding Matt Reeves (who is to direct the planned Batman movie) and WB both being against Ben Affleck as Batman for a multitude of reasons. Insurance (as explained earlier) and Snyder’s vision of an older Batman does not seem to work quite well around with the studio and its plan at the moment.

But they should work something out to include Ben Affleck for at least one standalone Batman movie for the sake of not confusing the audience. Plus for Ben , going out like this on a role like Batman would be the worst decision he would have taken in his career. As already told , Ben Affleck has quite a big fan base even without starring in a standalone movie. All it will take for him to rise up is one good Batman movie. 

So what do you think ? A good Batfleck movie or no more Batman : DC should concentrate on Superman and/or other characters now that the comic book movie craze is at its zenith ? Let us know in the comments section below and/or you can also create a forum topic for making the topic public for other members.







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