Point System

Superhero Abode rewards its users with its own points system. Users are rewarded points according to their various interaction with the site. With increasing points , the user gets promoted to upper ranks subject to a set of requirements on some ranks. Higher ranks are subject to higher challenges. Points are not transaction-able outside the premises of superheroabode.com and are not convertible to any real world currency/digital currency/crypto-currency.

Reward points per action of the user is defined below

ActionsReward points
Avatar Set+10
Cover Set+10
Made Group admin+20
Topic Creation+20
Content Creation (Fan Creativity)+100
 Post visit  +01

A user is subject to a minimum amount of member points required and a few additional requirements which use different consistency metrix of the user , to rank up. Additionally he/she need to have qualified for the previous rank in order to start his/her journey for the next. Points are also subject to admin penalties for misbehavior/misconduct on the site.

RankPoints requiredAdditional requirement(s)
Newbie3001 Comment

*Comment on 5 posts

*1 forum replies


 *Comment on 30 posts

*10 forum replies

*Create 5 forum topics


 *Comment on 100 posts

*100 forum replies

*Create 10 forum topics

*Post a fan article

*Has spend 50,000+ points


 *Comment on 200 posts

*300 forum replies

*Create 100 forum topics

*Post 10 fan articles

*Has spend 100,000+ points

Seems hard ? Absolutely not ! There are tons of consistency and rank bonuses on Superhero Abode. Here are a list of performance bonuses based on the user’s conduct on the site.

Consistency MetrixPoints Awarded
Regular Visitor+100/monthly
100 comments/month+100/monthly
10 topics/month+100/monthly
10 Fan articles/month+100/monthly

We also provide a 10% bonus on the accomplishments of different ranks on the site. For example , if Veteran needs 10k member points to qualify , we provide 1k member points as bonus on qualification.

 RankBonus Points 
 VETERAN +1000
 MASTER +2500

However it is to be noted , points are deducted for deleting a post , irrelevant content on your own activity stream and spam-my and/or abusive behavior to any other member of the platform. 

Depending upon the ranks and the points in your account , you are gifted badges representing your value on the platform. While the rank badges are performance based , you need to invest your points earned for some of the superhero badges. Spending points is necessary for upgrading above the Veteran rank.

To buy a superhero badge , you can do it from right here , by clicking on the desired superhero’s symbol below.The badges apart from completing your rank checkpoints indicates your loyalty to the specific superhero , to every visitor of your profile.

Rank BadgeBadge offered
BEGINNERSuperhero Abode member badges
INITIATEDSuperhero Abode member badges
VETERANSuperhero Abode member badges
MASTERSuperhero Abode member badges
OMNISCIENTSuperhero Abode member badges
Superhero Badge Point Cost


The pointing system is made in such an order that a true superhero nerd shouldn’t take much time to rank up the ladder. Lastly regardless of ranks , we extend to you our warmest regards. Best of luck !