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Screenwriter Christopher Markus addresses the unforeseen insane power levels of Captain Marvel and her resemblance with Captain America in MCU.



Captain Marvel will be the latest addition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will see the first Marvel super-heroine flourish on-screen. Set in the 90s , Carol Danvers was the first superhero Nick Fury came around. But how much strong is the mightiest avenger exactly ? Screenwriter Christopher Markus says you will find out soon.

The famous screenwriter , now an old member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ,  teases the insane power levels of the superhero. Marvel Cinematic Universe is infamous for notably bringing down it’s heroes’s power levels compared to their comic book counterpart. But with the entry of Carol Danvers , we can definitely hope to see a change. 

Marvel President and aficionado , Kevin Fiege has recently specified that her movie , aside from introducing the deadly Skrulls , will pay homage to 90s and be set mostly in the space. Considering the lore and power of Captain Marvel , it kind of makes sense. While Avengers : Infinity War director Anthony Russo has recently teased her appearance in the Avengers : Infinity War itself , there is no sort of official conformation on that.

The heroine must have been cut out from Earth and/or humans for a long time to not come in action all this years but the Mad Titan could give her a reason to come back.“Well, super excited to have her—for one thing. You know, that movie does not exist yet so we’re following up on something that is good intentions at the moment.” teased screenwriter Christopher Markus. “But that’s a power scale that right now doesn’t exist in the MCU.”

Talking of the mannerism , comic book nerds should know the nature of Carol Danvers. In a way she is similar to Captain America and that could indicate her position in the new roster after Avengers 4. Markus described the same in his own words.“She’s in some ways the closest to Captain America which is a weird, now rare kind of character which is sort of a person who’s right and knows they’re right and doesn’t really want to hear it when you tell them they’re wrong. “ 

“So, with all these flawed, [frick]ed up people and Quill who’s a mess and Tony who’s a massive ego all contorted. It’s fun to get another person with a clear vision in there going, ‘Shut up.'” joked the Avengers : Infinity War scribe. Fiege has previously addressed of the super-heroine’s powers to be off the charts and Christopher Markus just continues to establish that fact. definitely a win for all comic book fans to see Carol Danvers being represented so accurately in the big screen and that too in an event as big as Infinity War.

Initially Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers faced some backlash for her green Kree costume in the first leaked set photos , but it was soon cleared off as to what she will be wearing when her solo adventure ends. Marvel Studios’s Captain Marvel is currently under principal photography in Los Angeles and headed towards a March 2019 release date. It will soon be accompanied by the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic : the untitled Avengers 4 , in May 2019 ; where we can expect to see Captain Marvel with her might help shift the side of the war.



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