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What will your e-mail be used for ? 

*Automated Registration process [Sending confirmation link and welcome message]

*Automated Profile creation 

*Automated Reset Password process

*Automated Profile related updates whenever applicable . (Account deletion , suspension , reset password etc.)

*Automated mail displaying status and approval of your uploaded content in fan platform , if you upload any.

*Automated notifications to replies to your topic/reply/comment if you choose to opt for it.

*Automated notifications to message(s)/friend request(s)/group request(s) you receive from other members , if you opt for it. By default you will receive notifications but the setting can be easily changed from your Dashboard.

*Automated notifications in situations where someone tags you in a forum topic/reply.

*Announcement to any major update related only to your membership privileges.

*Your rank upgrade every time you achieve one.

Most of this e-mails can be turned on or off from your Settings>E-mails.

Profile : Your profile reflects the description of all your conducts over the site ( posts made on Fan creativity platform and ranks in forums ) as well as your public activity log on the site. Also you can choose from your Dashboard , how your profile looks to others. Your profile can be picked up by various search engines and displayed in an user search. You can delete your account at any point of time. While deletion , all of your contribution and presence (excluding the fan posts) are automatically deleted from the site. Fan posts are retained for the sake of site reputation management. However , if you decide to make an account on the site again at a later point of time , we can contribute all your posts to your new account if requested with proof to us. Know more about your terms of uses on this site here.

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We do not offer newsletter by e-mails as of now. Also it is to be noted that push notification has nothing to do with registration. Both are for different purposes and should be opted for differently.

Messaging : provides you a messaging service to communicate with other members while respecting the terms of conduct of the website. Users can privately message other members or publicly address them on their wall(@). However , no one should in any way consider the service private and/or a chatroom. Administrators have constant surveillance over both public and private messages to ensure a good experience as well as ensuring quick complaint resolution for all. We strongly discourage users from divulging private information over private messages. We expect all the discussions to be based on superheroes and nowhere near anything outside the point of that relevancy.  It is also to be noted that while only administrators , the sender and the receiver(s) has access to private messages ; public messages can be picked up by search engines and/or third parties we have no surveillance on. We are not responsible for the resulting situations afterwards.

Visit our terms of uses to know more about messaging on

Beware of scammers ! and all of the content it provides to everyone , registered members or not , is free of cost. Most of the mails sent to our members are automated and send through either of the two : [email protected] and [email protected] .

 We accept financial support as a token of love and respect for our community via our Patreon page but we never ask anyone for financial support in any other form. If any individual/organization claims money in behalf of Superhero Abode or to you for any reason whatsoever , report the incident with proof of the same to us. Additionally , we are not responsible for the circumstances where you end up giving your cash card credentials or money to someone claiming to be Superhero Abode or

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Data collection : The administrators and our advertising partners has constant surveillance over your IP address , your entry/exit directions , your login time and period , your actions on site , your time stamp , your current system , your web browser version and your location to keep a check on suspicious activities , for the points system engine and to analyze the incoming traffic (and its needs) for betterment of the site and its resources .  It is to be noted that none of the mentioned information is stored at an individual level in Superhero Abode’s records. We do not extrapolate data to third-parties in exchange of money/service. Google personalizes your experience on by customizing ads for you. We keep analytics record on our server for a period of 1 year for research and analysis purpose. Know about their privacy policies here.

User Experience Feedback : We encourage and collect your feedback through the contact form to improve the content of our Web page, customize the content and/or layout according to your need. While all of the recommendations are not possible to be made effective , we try to listen and adjust our website to most of them. The administrators are in constant effort to make the site better yet keep everything simple for the users. Contact forms are deleted once resolved/addressed/replied (as the case may be). This can take anywhere between 1-3 months. 

***Why do we run advertisements on our site ?

We honor our users the most and we , as fans ,  thrive to provide other fans like us , the ultimate yet free platform to express their fandom. But unfortunately ,  Superhero Abode is essentially just a non-funded initiative. This forces us to use advertisements on to keep the initiative running. You can check the detailed privacy and terms of Google Ads from here. If you love Superhero Abode and wish to help the community survive, you can extend your love in our Patreon and ensure Superhero Abode never falls short of cash. 

Personal Details : If you voluntarily disclose personal information (names , email address , personal details , residence etc.) on the comments/forums/groups  , that information can be viewed via search engines, collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited contact from parties we have no surveillance or control on. We strongly advise you to not post any personal or other sensitive information on We also encourage you to keep the conversations in messages on the site related to the theme of the site and restrict from indulging in personal talk with other members. We are NOT responsible for the consequences thereafter.

Points System : The members on are governed on a points system which stand as a measure of his/her value on the platform. Member points are additionally used to buy badges as well as enforce certain conditions for the ranking up of the members. However , it is to be noted that the member points are transaction-able only on this platform and are non-convertible to any form of currency/digital currency/crypto-currency or any other form of money. Refer to our point system for detailed insight of the system and its rewards/penalties.

If you have any further query regarding your privacy policies , we will be happy to help you. Contact us .


Last updated : 02-07-2018

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