We are both a community and an infotainment service and we intend to build a complete platform for a superhero nerd. Here are the privacy policies of you need to be aware of before you become a part of the community : 

Content view/comment and Registration : You do not have to register to view , share or comment in any of our content ( by the admins of or any of its users) . You can comment on any of the posts on via the DISQUS commenting system ; which requires either a DISQUS login ID or a simple social login. However it’s necessary for you to register with us in order to contribute something via our fan creativity platform or being able to participate in our forums.The registration is free and very simple , it requires basic information about you.The sole reason to collect the information while registration is to filter spam and create a profile for you ( where the posts you will be making on will be added on your profile record for your convenience ). 

The administrator and our advertising partners has constant surveillance over your IP address , your entry/exit directions , your web browser version and your location to keep a check on suspicious activities while you are on or using its services . It is to be noted that none of the mentioned information is stored in Superhero Abode’s records.

Newsletter/ Notification : We have a newsletter via e-mail service , but that does not interpolates/compares user data entered at the point of registration . The service present in the registration form is in a separate optional portion rather than a checkbox.You have to separately opt for it , by an e-mail , you seem fit.This is for a more clear registration process on your end giving you more knowledge as to what you are using your personal data for.Thus , separate confirmations will be send for user registration and newsletter subscriptions.

 If you are not comfortable with e-mail notifications , we use web push notifications as well. It asks for your approval to send notifications automatically the first time you visit our site. If you allow the service , it  would send you convenient  notification(s) to all new updates via your web browser or your Mobile Operating system (iOS/Android/Windows) . If blocked by a mistake , you can change your preferences by clicking on the green lock icon before the web address. The push notifications works best with Google Chrome.

We offer all of our content free of cost. We never contact our users via their provided e-mail for anything except for complaint/feedback resolution ( if any) and registration proceedings (automated). We accept financial support as a token of love and respect for our community via our Patreon page but we never ask anyone for financial support in any other form. If any individual/organization claims money in behalf of Superhero Abode or to you , report the incident with proof of the same to us. Additionally , we are not responsible for the circumstances where you end up giving your cash card credentials or money to someone claiming to be Superhero Abode or

We encourage and collect your feedback to improve the content of our Web page, customize the content and/or layout of our pages for each individual visitor. The administrators are in constant effort to make the site better yet keep it simple for the users.We use cookies to store visitors preferences in our site.

***Why do we run advertisements on our site ?

We honor our users the most and we , as fans ,  thrive to provide other fans like us , the ultimate yet free platform to express their fandom. But unfortunately ,  Superhero Abode is essentially just a non-funded initiative. This forces us to use google advertisements on to keep the initiative running.However,  we have been working towards a better solution which needs a bit of time.But as soon as we have it under action , we promise that we will upgrade to an ad-free experience that too , free of cost. Until then , if you love Superhero Abode and wish to help, you can extend your love in our Patreon and ensure Superhero Abode never falls short of cash. You can check the detailed privacy and terms of Google Ads from here

A piece of advice : If you voluntarily disclose personal information (names , email address , personal details , residence etc.) on the comments (Disqus) or the forum, that information can be viewed via search engines, collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited contact from other parties we have no surveillance or control on. We strongly advise you to not post any personal or other sensitive information on We are NOT responsible for the consequences thereafter.

If you have any further query regarding your privacy policies , we will be happy to help you. Contact us .