Punisher returning for second season next month ; first look inside2 min read

Despite the mixed reviews , I loved Netflix’s Punisher and the show’s attempt to explore Frank’s roots. Now standing at the dusk of 2018 , I never thought that the second season just might be the ending season. If you don’t know what’s going on : Netflix is cancelling all Marvel shows.

With the magnum opus Daredevil cancelled after a brilliant third season , there is a very slim chance that Frank Castle gets a third season. Nevertheless , that should be no reason for us to not get excited about Punisher Season 2. Early rumors indicate that the second season might be following the trails of the MAX run “The Slavers”.  Not to mention , Billy Russo , now Jigsaw , returning to the show. 

Where would all that take Frank is still unknown , but here is the first footage from the upcoming show for you all to enjoy : 



While we know it is coming out next month , the exact dates are still unknown. So now , we have to just wait and hope that the show doesn’t get cancelled. Punisher Season 2 adds to the superhero calendar month of January 2019 along with M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass.

Let us know what you thought of the news above in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates. And I am also leaving a video below which will give you a brief idea of what “The Slavers” is all about in less than 3 minutes : 



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