Punisher Season 2 Character Breakdowns Point To The Show Adapting the darkest comicbook storyline ever made4 min read

A new character breakdown indicate that the Netflix show might be returning with the darkest Marvel storyline yet.



When Punisher made a switch from Marvel “Knights” to Marvel “MAX” back in 2004 , writer Garth Ennis got a stretch to more matured audience. The new home provided him the freedom to invest in stories which not only dealt with more blood and violence but also introduced realistic approaches. Frank Castle was a Vietnam veteran with a much older appearance than his previous incarnations.

It was in this period that Ennis cooked for Frank , which arguably is , the darkest Punisher story line ever made. A recent character breakdown from the Hashtag show teases characters from that story line , when the Punisher returns in his second season. Before I name the story line , check out the character breakdown : 

“ANNIE BEIR, the street-smart scrapper, could be an analog to Viorica, the young girl whose life Castle saved and whose story led him to discover the sex slave ring run by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. In that story, Castle enlisted the help of a social worker, Jen Cooke, who had worked with Viorica, to learn about the slavers and take them down. In this case, KIM DAVIS could be the Jen Cooke of the story.”

As most of you have guessed it by now , the story referred to here is The Slavers. For those who don’t know much about the run , it is about Frank trying to stop a group of sex slavers in New York. Frank accidentally runs across one of the runaway sex slaves, Viorica, and she tells him her story.

This can be the way Frank returns from the state where he “is scared” now that the gunfire has stopped , at the end of the first season. But what more interesting is the fact of how the show runners choose to select some of the darkest portions of the books in the show. If the story is what Marvel is looking forward to , we are in for a hell of a treat. 

If done right , it would be more than satisfying to see Frank take down the slavers. The first season was on a more personal level but this might be the story to blur the lines between an anti-hero and a hero. However there are heights in the books which might cause tremendous controversies if adapted straight away. 

The Punisher is an unforgiving killing machine. But I promise….Yes , I promise you won’t hesitate for a moment even if Frank breaks open every evil men’s head open like a watermelon. Indeed , you will feel satisfied , just for the amount of evil they were. 

Yes there are terrorists , mobs , intergalactic demons , space dealers…but how about sex slavers ? Those who suck life what of eyes which were once filled with love and emotion ? These are the evil which our society suffers from everyday. Who can be a better cure to these men than Frank Castle ? However , the most moving element of the story has always been the fact that Frank has no part in this , he is just doing it for another human being.



In any case , it would be interesting to see if the run gets adapted at all when the series returns next season. And not to forget , where does Jigsaw stand in all this and to what capacity. Let us know in the comments section below and follow us for more Punisher updates.



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