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When Man of steel came out , we primarily had no idea that Warner Brothers were looking forward to something big. Though the DC Universe has received average to low critical rating with the exception of Wonder Woman , we fans , can’t not help imagine how the road was set to Justice League. And when we do, amazingly , the path seems all planned ever since the  beginning. I like most others consider Justice League Animated Series as a part of our childhood and the movie is like a dream come true.

I made a YouTube video celebrating the path and as I do with any road video , adjusted the timeline as per the universe’s as much as possible. Starting with Diana’s journey from her paradise to our world to Bruce assembling the team along with Diana.. everything is cramped in this short video. And the video portray what the Justice League trailers is trying to imply : the importance of Superman in the entire universe. Here is the video for your consideration :

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The Knight

A superhero enthusiast who has a sweet tooth for classical film-making. Thus The Dark Knight and Logan remains his all time favorite CBMs. Also tries to write content which is not only good in its own respect but also brings out the best in his readers.

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