[RUMOR] Benedict Cumberbatch reprises role in a Doctor Strange sequel next year1 min read


The good doctor may have been erased from existence by Thanos’s snap with the infinity gauntlet but it looks like Disney is not yet ready to let Benedict Cumberbatch go. Though this CAN BE a rumor , come on ! Who are we fooling ? The first movie made tons of money at the box office….eventually more than a Superman movie !!! So what’s stopping the suits at the mouse to make another one ?

Mirror reports that Benedict Cumberbatch is reprising his role as the Sorcerer Supreme ( yet ? Not yet ?) in a Doctor Strange sequel for a sweet £7.5 million. The increase in the pay obviously roots from the huge appraisal and fan following the first movie pulled in.The sequel reportedly is expected to start shooting in the spring of 2019 and continue principal photography for 6 months.

If this is true , we are probably looking at a 2020-2021 slot , an ideal time for Doctor Strange to grace the big screen once again. Are you a Doctor Strange fan ? Then let us know how you feel about this news in the comments down below and be sure to follow us for more superhero updates.



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