[RUMOR] Penguin is reportedly the main antagonist in Matt Reeves’s The Batman1 min read


Danny DeVito’s Penguin was an incredible addition to Tim Burton’s Batman franchise after the legendary perfomance of Jack Nicholson’s Joker. He lended a hideous and funny yet dark approach to the character. However , that was the last time we saw of the character in the big screen after which he extensively featured in the arkham series and the Batman prequel series Gotham as Robin Lord Taylor.

However , a rumor recently surfaced from Variety reporter Justin Kroll that the antagonist might be appearing in the next standalone of the dark knight in DC Films. We don’t know anything about the project except that Matt Reeves , the director of War for the planet of the Apes is working on the script. Have a look at the rumor :



The character got a reference in one of the conversation between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jeremy Irons’s Alfred in Justice League. That in turn ensures that the character exists somewhere in the universe. However , personally though I feel Penguin might be a cool villain in a BOP (Birds of Prey) movie , I do not like the idea of the character to feature as a villain in a Batman movie again. What about you ?

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