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Back in 1970s ,everyone was crazy for movies based on Martial arts . In that era , Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon hit the theaters and its global influence was profound. Comic books was not an exclusion. Marvel Comics wanted a part of the action as well. So they tried to acquire the rights for  the television program “Kung Fu” from Warner Brothers (the head umbrella of DC Comics) but couldn’t.

So the comic book house turned on to Sax Rohmer’s pulp villain Dr. Fu Manchu to acquire its rights. Later on , Writer Steve Englehart and Artist Jim Starlin came up with an original character in Rohmer’s lore named  Shang Chi. Appearing first in Special Marvel Edition #15 (December 1973) , this kung fu master has came aqlong way , both fighting against and in alliance with several Marvel heroes.

Referred to as one of the greatest kung fu legends in the Marvel universe  , Chi has appeared in more titles than you can think of – from X-Men to Heroes for Hire. Extensively trained by swords, staves, kali sticks, nunchaku , shuriken and several other weapons , Shang Chi can take down even the likes of Spider-man. Here’s some of the many moments this  relentless fighter has had in Marvel : 



But let’s be true. Most of you hadn’t heard about him – I mean it’s not your fault. But Marvel is now looking forward to introduce their old friend in their biggest and most prosperous franchise – the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. MCU has been the house of several heroes and has seen superheroes break box office record , whose name most of the people had never heard of before. And now that their first movie of cultural representation – Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther has been a behemoth milestone ; Marvel is ready to break new grounds while Hollywood’s still watching.

So now , according to Deadline , Marvel Studios are fast-tracking this Asian superhero to join the new team of superheroes after Avengers 4. Marvel Cinematic Universe has already found love and respect in Asian lands and introducing this superhero will no doubt give it a significant growth in international markets. That in itself is a superior business move as we all know how much of a say China has in making a movie commercially successful irrespective of its critical rating ( Transformers , Venom etc ). Not to mention , how explosively big Marvel is growing in India and its neighborhood territories. 

Ensuring that the representation is proper both in front and behind the cameras , Marvel has hired  Chinese-American scribe Dave Callaham ( Wonder Woman 1984 , Spider-Man : Into the Spiderverse 2 and several others) to prepare the screenplay while hunt among Asian/Asian American directors to helm the project has already begun.  Clearly , Marvel wants to recreate the magic of Black Panther , looking onto ethnic diversity and representation as a measure of uniqueness for MCU’s fourth phase.

Is it all a money game or will it provide a platform for all the people of this planet to fall in love with Asia and its culture all over again ? Let us know how you perceive this news , in the comments section below. And be sure to follow us for more superhero updates.



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