Scarlett Johannson’s Black Widow finally getting a standalone !2 min read

Fans have been asking for this from quite some years ago and looks like Marvel studios have finally heard their call ; Black Widow standalone seems to be happening.

Scarlett Johannson’s Natasha first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man 2 as Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow as a side character. Soon she rose ro greater prominence when she became a major team member along with Hawkeye in the Avengers. Since then she has appeared in almost 5 movies with Avengers : Infinity War being her 6th.

While the character has played many roles and sided by several characters throughout this span of time , we got to see very less of this complex character. We got to see her as a smart double agent , a friend , a lover but the best we got an insight into her real self was in the dream sequence she had under the influence of Scarlett Witch in Avengers : Age of Ultron. Fans has since then begging for her solo standalone movie , and now the developments are taking place.

Variety claims that the project has finally gained momentum with the help of Jac Schaeffer penning the script.While the project is in early developments with no green light as of now but Marvel President Kevin Feige met with several candidates before tapping Schaeffer. Also the report says that the Marvel execs met with Johansson to discuss what they wanted from a “Black Widow” writer.

While this is a small news , its huge considering this is the closest we have got to a fan favorite character’s standalone movie demanded for years. With the phase shifting about to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , this might be the time to explore Natasha’s roots. 

About the scribe , Schaeffer is an up-and-comer, who broke out with her Black List script for The Shower, an upcoming comedy about an alien invasion during a baby shower that has Academy Award-winner Anne Hathaway attached to star. She’s also currently working on another Hathaway vehicle, Nasty Women, which is said to be a female-centric take on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.


Source – VARIETY


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