Shazam:Get your first look at the titular hero1 min read

Shazam has started shooting this year and finally we have very good look of Zachary Levi in costume as the titular hero.



Last weekend Shazam director had said that he was surprised that no behind the scenes snap of Zachary Levi in costume was leaked on the internet since they were shooting in outdoor locations.

Well it looks like his wish has come true.We have the first good look at the titular hero.Feast your eyes.



A fan has snapped this pic earlier today A fan snapped a photo of Zachary Levi in his Shazam costume while they were filming at a mall in Toronto. We can only see him from behind but we still get a good look at the costume.

We can see that the costume has taken heavy inspirations from the New 52 version.If you look closely , you can also see Mark Strong who will play the infamous villain Dr. Shivana on the left of Zachary.It has previously been reported that he will be accompanied by the Shivana family.

The movie is excepted to take a funny route but won’t rely on “Quippy One-liner” , according to Director Sandberg. At this point we can look forward for a official first look from DC anytime.So stay tuned for further updates.


Source – Reddit


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