Spider-man PS4 won’t have a day/night cycle in narrative2 min read


One of the most anticipated waits of gamers this year is the Spiderman PS4 , to be released this September exclusively on the SONY console. However , it seems that the new game of the web-head will not feature a full day/night cycle , as far as the story is involved. Obviously the player has access to that after he/she is able to beat all the challenges the game has to provide.

β€œThe truth is, this is a very story heavy game,” said creative director, Bryan Intihar toΒ GameInformer. “and as you guys know a lot of great games use time of day to communicate a certain feel/vibe to the situation [depending] where you are in the story, so we want to make sure that we were communicating a certain feeling to the player while they were first making their way through the main story .That being said, when you do finish the game you can actually change time of day and weather yourself manually.”

Nowadays , most games especially open world ones (where players are not constricted a specific part of the terrain) use day and night clock cycle to give the full immersive experience to the gamers. However , until and unless the story and gameplay is affected , this should strike us as no problem. What do you say ? Comment down your thoughts below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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