[SPOILERS] Punisher Season 2 set video teases an intense shooting scene2 min read


The first season of the Netflix Punisher series was controversial as we saw Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle deal with his crisis , after being introduced in Season 2. The show also featured his best buddy Billy Russo and eventually we come to know that he was not a very good guy. Thanks to the rage of the Punisher with a little bit of luck , Frank smashes Russo’s face against a mirror destroying his face forever. He wanted to remind him of the pain he endured everyday by the process.

What comic book fans will realize though , is that this is the beginning of a much greater evil. Russo’s face betting distorted coincides with an iconic moment in the comics through which he became Jigsaw – a feared name in the Marvel lore. While Dominic West played the character a while back in Punisher : War Zone , that seems like a distant memory at this point which no fans want to recollect anymore.

However , this is where things get interesting : A new set video sees the return of the infamous villain where he lifts his mask to confront Frank who is trying to cut to him through a gun-fire. While no kind of distortion is visible on Ben Barnes’s face , it’s likely it would be added later. Have a look : 



The end of the first season saw Frank afraid of the silence after the war , where he is still trying to figure out his existence in the world.Of course something will happen which will force him to come back. We have seen evidences that indicate that whatever that might be , is inspired from the story-line Slavers. How does Billy Russo feature in all this will be interesting to see. We saw the doctor saying that he is in a coma for an undefined period. Being known by Billy the Beaut who is appraised for his handsome fans , it is understandable what he will feel for Frank after he sees his face in the mirror again.

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