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I can assume that most of you would have finished the series by now. If not , I advise you to finish it before proceeding through the article. With that fair bit of spoiler warning , lets dip into how the show chose to handle Bullseye. It was way back when we heard that Wilson Bethel is playing an unstable FBI agent who will play a critical lore in the conflict between Fisk and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. What most of us did not knew back then is that he is the ferocious Daredevil antagonist Daredevil but still some of us assumed.

It was not until that the actor was seen in a jacket containing the Bullseye mark was the rumors seemingly confirmed. And after 13 episodes of binging in Netflix , I can be quite sure that the decision was a good one and Bethel played with the same lunacy that Poindexter possesses in the comic books. Yes , his weird sense of humor is not depicted often (except when he bleats like a sheep in the restaurant ) and his origin story is a bit changed for the sake of grounding. But everything falls in place.

The first fight between Matt and Poindexter is a reminder of how wide and daunting Bullseye’s skill set and marksmanship really is. He is one of the few villains who has had been crucial in shaping the crime-fighting and personal life of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. So how is he different from the comics ? Well most of the elements of this season is taken from the comics yet not completely followed – from Wilson Fisk to Karen Page to Bullseye , all their presence in the story basically contains Easter eggs from the story.




Inspired heavily from Miller’s Born Again , Season 3 introduces FBI agent Benjamin Poindexter as Bullseye in the series but he isn’t quite the villain until the very end. Unlike in the lore , where he is paralyzed after dropping from a telephone wire engaged in a fight with Daredevil , the show sees Fisk damages his spine in the 3 way fight in “A New Napkin”. However , like in the comics his back is put together again by metal with the aid of Professor Oyama. Only the metal isn’t adamantium like in the comics due to copyright issues by FOX.

However it does properly set the origin for Bullseye and promises further pain for the man without fear in his fourth season , provided he doesn’t face the similar fate of his fellow Defenders. The show not only illustrates how ferocious Poindexter is in turning any kind of material into projectiles but also shows his elite marksmanship with his way around with ricochets and deflections , drawing huge inspiration from his backstory as a pitcher. It is intimidating to think that this guy has not even become the iconic Marvel villain we all know.



Honestly speaking , when it comes to Karen , her death is long overdue – right from Season 1. But it is safe to say it got closest in Season 3 where not only did Fisk came to know that Page murdered Jon Wesley but also Bullseye coming for her in the church fully aligned with an iconic moment in the comics. However , like Karen came in to save Daredevil from Bullseye’s stick , Father Lantom came in to save Karen in the series. But is she saved or does Bullseye’s origin teases a far worse death for her ?

Well Daredevil fans know that Karen Page is a far more darker character in the comics than in the series , her relations with drugs and pornography only barely teased in “Karen”. The whole affair with her father and brother was also cooked up by Netflix’s creative team as her father was a super-villain in the comics. Obviously  Deborah Ann Woll’s version is a much better person than in the books.Karen was a addict even when she met Matt and desperate in her addiction , she trades Daredevil’s secret identity to Fisk. However she does redeems herself later though , through her death.

It’s funny with how every proceeding season , Karen comes a step closer to death. Season 4 could see that finally happening and it could be quite heart-breaking after the whole “Nelson-Murdock and Page” at the end. If not for the Bullseye’s origin tease at the end , it would have made for a perfect series ending. Let us know what you felt about Wilson Bethel as Bullseye and what you feel about Karen Page being saved in every season , in the comments section below. And follow us for more superhero updates.



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