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If there’s someone to match (or even second) the performance of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man , the name of Chris Evan’s Captain America is our best bet. Today we analyze 5 major ways which has shaped the titular hero over the years.



 The concept of a good American has changed for the kids between 1940s and 2010s. And the concept of Captain America is similar. Thanks to the modernization and constant try-outs between studios to adapt their properties to the ever-changing taste of people , the essence of some character changes with time. Characters like Captain serve as the perfect dichotomy to this concept. 

Chris Evans jumped on the MCU board back in 2011 with the First Avenger. But his portrayal of the hero lacked something which made him stand behind Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man , like all the other Avengers. That changed with Russo Brother’s The Winter Soldier where Chris got the platform to transcend the hero to a position its comic book counterpart holds.

However over the years , the character has changed a lot to a point he is misunderstood by many right now. Today , we make the effort to explore the fundamental ways Captain America has changed over the years. So buckle up and read along.




Weird right ? Because he actually did not die. Well actually he did ! The dude was sleeping for 70 years. That in itself is worse than death. Imagine waking up to a stranger world where there’s nothing you can relate to , the things you could being long gone. That is bound to change a person’s perspective.



Captain America’s critique of the modern world is indigenous of the America he gave his everything for. While that can be thrilling most of the times fighting cosmic villains along the avengers , some of the times it can be heartbreaking. The events of The Winter Soldier was one such personal event.

But among all this , there is something special about this American soldier. Instead of the system , he keeps his faith in people. And most of the times , he has not been let down. That is the good american belief to stand by and every hero from the 40s who stood by that elegant belief , lives to fight for it even today , in one way or the other.

Steve Rogers is basically a simple man and he just fights for what he believes in. I see memes laying around about the whole Bucky and Steve thing and I really hope the people behind the memes do it in good sport. For Barnes is the only remaining piece of conscience left of him in this new world. The rest….



2. Lost faith in system

It does not takes much to figure out that he has lost faith in the system by the time Civil War ended. It is made clear that the character is proceeding towards the infamous route of Nomad in Avengers : Infinity War.

That was somehow clear by the way Russo brothers handled the character after The First Avenger. As I was talking about a heartbreak earlier , Captain America losing faith in America should serve as the biggest. I wouldn’t blame him . Watching the reason for which one gave up everything amounting to nothing will make anyone go mad.



We have guessed by now that some or most of the characters are going to die at the hands of Thanos before being able to somehow come back in Avengers 4. Also most of the core Avengers are said to exit with the massive Infinity War event. So It needn’t be said that it would be awesome to see Steve Rogers , of all people , to go out a believer.

A character like Captain America revolves around good human virtues like pure righteousness , truth , patriotism and courage. So it is kind of heart breaking from the fan side and critical from the creator’s side as to assign the perfect direction for the character after he/she loses hope. Superman : Kingdom come is a perfect example of the touch of complexity a hopeful character can have after losing hope. All things considered , Captain will be facing the same crisis when the curtains of Avengers : Infinity War rises up.



3. A man with a dark side 


When Baron Zemo looked into the Captain’s eyes , it wasn’t the little green in his blue eyes that amused him. It was in figuring the fact that the god’s righteous man has made a mistake in the form of not being able to tell his friend the truth. That was the flaw in the near perfect being , Zemo took so much pride in figuring out.

And I am glad Marvel went for that approach. I like human struggles in heroes and anyone in Captain’s shoes should have been hesitant to tell Tony the truth. The point is time and place had ultimately taken down Captain to a dark point which his formal self would have despised. However he must continue now , even when misunderstood. 



Captain America has come a long way from being a simple man and the journey itself has thrown a shade to his legacy. He is now an outlaw of the state and a man without honor , according to the government. The shiny patrician star spangled attire grace him no more , and thus he is just another enhanced.

From the good-hearted man he was chosen to be the one , he has grown more than a soldier following orders. His sense of faithfulness had taught him a lesson the worst way possible. And yes , that in itself brings a texture of darkness to the character , especially if we consider the Captain America Steve used to be.

If you put emphasis on soundtracks as much as I do , you shouldn’t have trouble noticing the change in its tune over the trilogy. The first one was like a surge of old school super heroism very similar to nodes of John William’s Star Wars and Superman tune. The modernization by Henry Jackman in The Winter Soldier was accompanied by a darker texture. The tune later hinged on a more emotional note with Civil War.

Thanks to the brilliant acting of Chris Evans and the intelligent direction of the Russo brothers , we got a brilliant adaptation of the walking sentinel of liberty. The dark side is not only thrilling but adds a important question to the survival of a righteous idea in our gray society.Or does the survival itself adds a bit of gray to the white ?


4.The journey and its transformations


Steve Rogers has been many things. From being a physically weak person , to a super soldier , to a man out of time to a fugitive. But one thing has remain constant throughout the entire journey. His leadership and compassion for good. The guy is regarded as the beacon of hope in the Marvel Universe. Many who are hesitant to take the decision look up to him for the right choice.

And so , Captain America always seems to find a team behind him who are willing to fight for him. Of all that the society can take away from him , it could not take away this basic attribute of Steve Rogers. 



Captain America has grown to be an expert strategist and a man having an unique sense of work distribution. Be it normal soldiers or enhanced , Captain can channelize his leadership sense to judge the appropriate position of one’s defense/offense on field. This is something which Tony and team will be needing in abundance to fight off the army of Thanos in Infinity War.

Considering the ease with which Steve has adapted the modern style in fighting , one can not shy away from the great natural fighter he is , as well . A master tactician , a superior fighter and with an attitude of never giving up , Captain America is a major player in the Avengers game.

At the end of the day , Infinity War should be the perfect answer to Tony’s statement about Steve back in Avengers ” Everything special about you came from a bottle”.


5.A dedicated soldier but a hollow person 



Indeed , it isn’t the same guy anymore. This might be one of the truest statement of the entire universe. When Rogers made the call to go down with the plane back in the day to save thousands , that was his end game. That is how he chose to end it. All that happened henceforth was not his call.

But when he woke from his sleep , he left the universal desire for family and love behind. Only the soldier that was made to fight war woke from Steve Roger’s 70 year old dream.And now he might be the person who craves war like no other of this earth. Different directors have different takes on this concept but I prefer to go with what Ultron said. He knew the Avengers more than they knew about themselves.



Steve Rogers might be the most prepared man right now for what’s to come. And that is in terms of mental and not physical capacity. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to make Steve more and more of a hollow person , he continues on the path of the ideal soldier he was always meant to be.Considering human sentiments always tend to hold back the skill of a perfect soldier.

What more ways do you think Steve Rogers has changed along the way ? Don’t forget to comment down your thoughts below and follow us for more superhero content and updates. You can also share an article like this on Superhero Abode , check out our Fan creativity platform.




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