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By now most of you should have seen the official trailer to Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE ( based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name). Many of you know by this second glimpse to the highly anticipated movie that the film celebrates pop culture ; especially after the 70s ; like no other movie. The trailer contains a plethora of easter eggs from video games and movies but here , we will be concentrating on the superhero / comic book references only.



Watching the trailer to Ready Player one is nothing but taking a roller coaster ride through the under depths of our pop culture and some of its glamorous edges. It absolutely does not take an eagle eye to spot the references in the trailer as it is filled with volumes of them all throughout. I am sure when the movie comes out , people will take a long time to sum up all of them .

The movie starts in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric James Halliday. However when he dies , he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts finds the first clue and starts a race for the Egg.

With that being said , let us concentrate our focus on the superhero / comic book references. Be sure to let us know how many did you catch among them and/or there are some more we are missing upon.


1.Alter Egos : Peter Parker and Bruce Banner 



The beginning of the trailer hears Wade ( played by Tye Sheridan ) referring alter egos to likes of Spiderman and Hulk. ” My name is Wade Watts. My Dad picked that name because it sounded like a superhero’s alter ego…like Peter Parker or Bruce Banner”. Nice going Wade Owen Watts: initials W.O.W.!


2.Adam West ‘ s Batman ’66 Batmobile 



On about the 0:40 mark of the trailer , we get to see the race getting ready. We get to see several references on the various contending cars on the track. One among many is the Batmobile Adam West would used to share with his Robin , Burt Ward during his days of the Batman 1966 TV show. In the race event , Speilberg and his team has put in meticulous effort to bring delight to the fans apart from the otherworldly experience of the virtual race  between Oasis users and Sixers (those employed by the film’s antagonistic corporation to find the hidden Easter Egg). Among other references , you can also catch glimpses of the Falcon XB GT Coupe V8 Interceptor of “Mad” Max Rockatansky ; Mach 5 of Speed Racer ; Ryu from the long-running Street Fighter series and the black-and-red van from The A-Team. There can be some others but for the meanwhile , that is all we could find. 


3.Joker and Harley



There is a lot of fan favorite character cameos in the club sequences of the trailer of Ready Player One ; from Lara Croft ( Tom Raider )  to Chun Li ( from Street Fighter Series ). But what can ignite a spark in the eyes of superhero fans like us is when the clown prince of crime of Gotham City shows up with his infamous “Quinn” ; Harley.

If you tune in to the 2:04 mark of the trailer , you can catch them sharing a move or two in the club . Harley Quinn is wearing her exact outfit from the Batman: Arkham Asylum series of games while Joker seeks inspiration from both Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as well the classical Joker attire from the lore of DC Comics. The black eye make-up around his eyes and scarred cheeks holds up to to Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight while the hat and shirt is a part of the Joker from the classic comic books. Awesome , isn’t it ? 





At about 0:49 mark of the trailer ; we see Harley leaving the Oasis club while Parzival (Wade in Oasis) enters ; and guess who she is leaving with ? Its Deathstroke. Well , its not very clear , but Harley accompanying a man in a mask with a sword narrows down the possibilities substantially , isn’t it ? Moreover ,we have some solid history with both this characters in the comics where they have joined hands for some uncanny missions. 




There is a ton of sequences in the trailer on snow terrains where we see the massive army join hands to fight for Parzival. The sequences are filled with rich cameos from pop culture video games and movies along with massive gunfire and explosions. And when we are talking about gunfire why miss the man with the deadliest scope in the DC universe ? Aha ! You got it ! Batman foe and an elite Suicide Squad member , Deadshot is in the trailer as well. We see him leading the charge in his classic attire holding a weapon of his choice. If you can just tune in to the 2:11 mark of the trailer , you can see the masked Hitman all strapped up ;  ready to drop some bodies.  That’s a lot of DC Comics right there ! But is it over ? Not quite ! 


6.Wonder Woman 



At about 1:23 mark of the trailer we see a  Atari-branded bright red bike holding a strong resemblance to a light cycle from the TRON universe stealing the spotlight. It is studded with pop culture emblems from the late 1970s and early 1980s  : Ms. Pacman , The Greatest American Hero , corporate logo of Taito ( developer company of Elevator Action, Bubble Bobble,Space Invaders etc) and the emblem of Wonder Woman series ( played by Lynda Carter from 75-79). You know what , I would like to meet this strange rider considering I like the choice of his/her affection. 

Now this was only the superhero/comic book references we are talking about . I , one being sceptic of words , have never seen a trailer with such amount of references as Ready Player One. Its as if each frame contains multiple references to individuals or organization who/which created a ripple in the pop culture. From DC Comics to Marvel Comics , I also couldn’t help but notice the references to likes of Battletoads, Street Fighter, Joust, Gundam, King Kong , Back to the Future, Chucky, The Iron Giant,Mass Effect , Mortal Kombat , Overwatch and several others. I can not hep imagine that what the movie will contain if a 2 minute glimpse of the same contains a fortune of Easter eggs.

Ready Player One is scheduled for a March , 2018 release. You can check out the latest trailer we have been talking about right below :




So are you excited for Ready Player One ? let us know what we missed upon and don’t forget to update us in the comments section below.

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